The Washington Capitals website posted an interview with star Alex Ovechkin, but 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies were fixated his appearance rather than what he was saying. In the video, it looks like he’s packed on a few extra pounds.

EB was outraged that the team’s leader and star would look like that during the offseason.  JP countered that Ovechkin will train and the weight gained can be easily worked off in a short period of time.

EB wasn’t trying to downplay Ovechkin’s talent, but just saying that he’s not reaching his full potential.  It’s strange to think that someone who is considered a star in the NHL in such a physically demanding sport could look like that.

The biggest Caps and hockey fan on the show, Cakes, was just as alarmed and sees why Ovie’s appearance can cause such a stir.

“If you’re the best of the best, or allegedly one of the best.  One of the top three or four players in your field.  You think Tom Brady and Peyton Manning go and  put 30 pounds on during the offseason?  You think Sid the Kid does? The best of the best stay in tip-top shape.”

Listen to the guys points below and see the video for yourself.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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