Hitting Rewind: The 2010 Redskins’ Offense

by Grant Paulsen

The good:

Passing yards per game: 244.6, ranked 8th in the NFL.
*Kyle Shanahan’s aerial attack averaged 26 more yards a game than Jim Zorn’s did one year earlier.

Passing attempts per game: 37.8, ranked 4th in the NFL.
*The Redskins threw the ball 33 times a game in Zorn’s second season. That number went up in 2010.

Number of 40+ yard catches: 13, ranked 3rd in NFL.
*Washington managed just 10 40+ yard catches in 2009. Anthony Armstrong helped that number climb.

Penalty yards: 647, ranked 5th in NFL.
*Four teams cost themselves fewer yardage than the Redskins, who trimmed 50+ yards off their ’09 total.

The acceptable:

Total yards per game: 335.9, ranked 18th in the NFL.
*Washington’s yardage climbed by 23 yards per game under the Shanahan’s.

Yards per play: 5.4, ranked 14th in the NFL.
*You see, the Redskins’ problem wasn’t gaining enough yardage but rather not running enough plays.

Turnover margin: -4, ranked 20th in the NFL.
*Being in the positive is the goal but -4 is progress. In 2009 the Redskins were a -11 in turnover margin.


The ugly:

3rd down conversion rate: 29%, ranked 31st in NFL.
*Frequent early-drive sacks and negative plays put Washington in too many 3rd-and-long situations.

Time of possession: 28:50 a game, ranked 24th in the NFL.
*This isn’t all on the Redskins’ offense. Not getting off the field defensively can cripple a team’s TOP.

Sacks allowed: 46, ranked 28th in the NFL.
*2010 marked the second straight year the Redskins yielded 46 sacks. This number must decline.

Quarterback hits: 110, ranked 31st in the NFL.
*Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman were able to elude some pass rushers. But not enough.

Rushing yards per game: 91.3, ranked 30th in the NFL.
*The Redskins ran for three more yards per game in 2010. But they also ran the ball with more frequency.

Rushing attempts per game: 21.9, ranked 31st in the NFL.
*Kyle Shanahan is a pass-first coordinator. The good news? That’s what works in the NFC presently.

Points per game: 18.9, ranked 25th in the NFL.
*Points are all that matters. Nine of the league’s 14 top scoring teams made the playoffs in 2010.

Field goal percentage: 69%, ranked 32nd in the NFL.
*No team missed a higher percentage of field goals than the Redskins. Graham Gano’s on the hot seat.

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