George Atallah, Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs for the NFLPA, called into Kevin and Rock on 106.7 The Fan while on a train to New York to join DeMaurice Smith (Executive Director of the NFLPA), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, owners and players to give an update on the latest NFL labor dispute rumors.

The latest word is both sides are closer to an agreement and the NFL could resume operations on July 21st.  Atallah comments on the “leaked” information and it’s accuracy.

“I think it’s a legitimate leak, frankly.  I think some of it is second-hand information.  I think a lot of it is there’s a lot of people who cover the NFL and there’s not that much information coming out.  So the lack of coverage to the relation of what we would be talking about now: Free agent signings, camps starting to get underway, all that kind of stuff…the dynamic has shifted.”

Listen to more of George Atallah as he heads to New York for another meeting.


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