Today on the Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes (with Danny Rouhier filling in for Lavar), Redskins fans called in to vent about recent troubles with the Redskins ticket office.

Although the Redskins have not officially announced any seating changes, the Washington Post reported that it appears 4,000 seats have been ripped out of north end zone in Fed Ex Field to make room for a party deck. The affected sections appear to be 409-419.

Today, callers let Dukes and Danny know that the Redskins ticket office is still selling season tickets to seats that are no longer available. One caller named, Timothy, whose family has had tickets in section in 414 for over 40 years, said he was sent an invoice last week for tickets that are no longer there. Timothy said he was told by the ticket office that they were not sure at this time if he would have to make up the difference if the seats they relocated him to were more expensive.  “This organization doesn’t think before they do stuff,” said Timothy.

Another called named Travis said the ticket office offered a parking incentive recently for him to renew his $1800 seats, and he accepted before becoming aware his seats had been torn out. When Travis found out the next day, he called the ticket office and couldn’t get an answer to how much more his seats would cost when they relocate him. Travis stopped payment on the check, and closed his season ticket account that had been in the family since the 1960’s. “You know they were not going to refund my $1800. They were going to tell me you’re either out 1800 or you owe us 600 more to get your seats…It’s ridiculous, you don’t treat people that way,” he said.

After the segment, Redskins Senior Vice President of Public Relations Tony Wyllie called the station off-air hoping to clear things up. He told the producers that it was a miscommunication between the ticket office and the season ticket holders, and that he would like to reach out to those fans and correct the issue.

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Dukes and Danny Talk With Upset Fans

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-Matt Cahill

Comments (2)
  1. Travis says:

    thanks for posting it. it’s amazing that the redskins just did a press release indicating whats going on:

    i’d love to talk to Mr. Wyllie about the matter, and see if I can get my tickets back. hell even my wife wants the tickets back. we’ll see if I ever actually hear from him.

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