by Grant PaulsenBy Grant Paulsen

Reserve outside linebacker Chris Wilson has spent the past four seasons as a special teams standout for the Washington Redskins. A former Grey Cup champion who went undrafted out of Northwood University, Wilson has worked for everything he’s gotten in the NFL.

The fifth-year veteran stopped by 106.7 The Fan’s Fairfax-studios to co-host a show on Sunday night. Here are a few of his thoughts on several of the burning issues surrounding the 2011 Washington Redskins.

On John Beck saying he wants to be the Redskins starting QB this fall:
“John Beck was on 106.7, he seemed like he had a chip on his shoulder. I like that. I want whoever wants it the most, whoever’s going to give this organization a fresh new attitude… He’s going to still have to earn it and I’m sure he knows that. He’s not going to just be crowned. Neither is Rex or anybody else for that matter. I wish the game was less political, really. I like guys that just put all their chips on the table and say hey ‘I want to be the starter, I’ve got a coaching staff who believes in me, let’s go. I’m moving forward.'”

Should retaining Carlos Rogers be a major priority for the Redskins when free agency begins:
“Carlos is a great man-to-man cornerback. I think a lot of people would have liked to have see him get his hands on a few more balls as far as interception-wise but at the same time he’s not getting beat. I would like to see Carlos be here. He’s a hard worker, a cornerback that can tackle. Very physical and as he continues to get better I think he can help us.”

On what signing Rogers and other current Redskins free agents could help to signify:
“I would love to see myself and other players that come into the Redskins organization get that just-do for everything they put in. You get so many different situations, say even the Haynesworth situation… You don’t want to cut your losses because they’re so great so now instead you’re just going to try to force your investment out of a guy that’s not giving you nothing of what you invested in him. So now what do you do? You just keep him around just because you paid for him? Or you try to help the team moving forward. I understand that. That’s money.”

Would you bring Albert Haynesworth back for the 2011 season?
“I think I’d just move forward, that’s just my personal opinion. The team has a lot of other issues as well. We’ve got to get these issues nipped in the bud so we can just focus on football.”

Thoughts about team-owner Daniel Snyder:
“I see him around [Redskins] Park every now and again at some events… My takes on Dan, he’s a guy that’s putting his best foot forward. Everybody knows he’s always throwing his money around the organization and your money’s where your heart is. I don’t think he’s a bad owner at all. I think he’s trying his best to put everything in place and everybody else has to do their job as well.”

Should the Redskins have stuck with a 4-3 defense last season:
“We’ve gotta play this year out because the 3-4 is so tricky. It’s so schemey. There’s so many traps that the offense can go for. You’ve got to at least give us two years to play in that defense before we just make an assessment and [decide] it’s not working out.”

What will Jim Haslett and this defense be able to do better in year-two?
“He has to, I don’t want to say open up the play-book because we called a fair amount of plays, but now that the players know the defense — be able to have more adjustments to what’s going on and be able to just adjust faster and put guys in situations to make plays right now as opposed to making an adjustment later in the game.”

On what he hopes to see from the Redskins’ defense in 2011:
“What you’re going to see from the Redskins defense is aggression. Sometimes when you’re thinking and you’re just making sure your crossing all your I’s and crossing all your T’s you forget about what got you here, which is starting that engine and getting after somebody… We’ve just got to be able to open it up, see what everybody can actually to do to try to trap some offenses. If you’ve got certain personnel that can do more than one thing, you don’t have to worry about being in the perfect personnel for the offense.”


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