James Miller Joins Holden Kushner To Talk About His New Book On ESPN

Earlier this week, Tom Shales joined Mike and Holden to talk about “Those Guys Have All The Fun”, the book about the inner workings of ESPN. Today, the other co author, James Miller, joined Holden to give his take on how everything worked in Bristol. Listen on for more.

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  • Pedrito

    She won’t be missed. Not that I don’t love House and her on the show, but the whole House/Cuddy rcanmoe thing nearly ruined last season and much of this season. It’s old and needed to go away. Great to see House back to his normal self. They have so much they could do with a replacement: Laurie’s old pal Frye, John Cleese or even Kelsey Grammer. The sexual tension thing played itself out, time for a new take on House’s character.

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