A new set of doping allegations against Lance Armstrong surfaced this weekend after former teammate Tyler Hamilton told CBS’s “60 Minutes” that he saw Armstrong use performance-enhancing drugs during his first Tour de France win in 1999. Hamilton also accused the International Cycyling Union of covering up a positive Armstrong test for EPO during the 2001 Tour de Suisse. EPO helps boost the production of red blood cells in the body allowing for better endurance for the riders.

Listen to Mike and Holden discuss the newest set of allegations against the 7-time Tour de France winner, and the state of cycling.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Comments (2)
  1. David Smelson says:

    Maybe your writers should look up the word Lieu before they use it. Just a thought.

  2. Corey says:

    ICU denies any wrong doing. No positive drug tests. No proof.

    Tyler Hamilton has no credibility given his background and record. Find me someone with nothing to prove. (Ie. “See, I wasnt the only one doing it…”)

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