Cornerback Carlos Rogers joined The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan and opened up about the Washington Redskins and his time here in D.C. Rogers said he would go with Rex Grossman as the starting quarterback next season because he has the experience and knowledge of the offense that a starter needs. “I don’t think I’d go with a guy that I know that don’t have experience on the field right now for this team. I’d go with Rex.”

When asked about John Beck, Carlos said he has a good arm and can be a good QB, but questions his ability to read schemes since he would run the other team’s offense in practice.

During his interview with the Junkies, Rogers also said that the Redskins have wasted money on top free agents that don’t fit the team’s schemes and feels they don’t take care of their players.

According to Rogers, QB Donovan McNabb was upset with how he was treated and how he performed this past season and Rogers thinks if he has another opporunity, McNabb will bounce back.

Jumping back in time to a former Redskins quarterback, Rogers says that Jason Campbell got all the blame for the offense when he was here, but they never gave the tools to be successful. He says Campbell wasn’t put in a position to win.

So now, Carlos Rogers is ready to put the Redskins behind him. He told the Sports Junkies that he has looked at teams he’d like to play for and has a price range for his next contract.

Listen to the full interview with Cornerback Carlos Rogers on the Sports Junkies here:


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