Washington Post columnist Jason Reid discusses with LaVar and Chad the recent story on McNabb and his wristband.  Also, he touches on the thought of Beck being the starting quarterback.  Reid says that he would not say that the Junkies are not right with this story.

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  1. John Singleton says:

    lavar —-check out leadbellys black betty on youtube-no matter what you think about fat albert shannie was wrong in the situation of als brothers death-shannie has made major wrong decisons-but the most serious was comming in and changein the #10 defense (43to 34)

  2. Bradley says:

    I’m OK with Beck for now. Why not? Perhaps Beck will be OK this year … better than McNabb and Grossman … and for those who drafted new quarterbacks, with the lockout continuing, Shannahan seems pretty smart to me. If Beck doesn’t work out, we still had a great draft, it wouldn’t be “better” with a new quarterback this year b/c they will lose major time, and next year we’ll have a good pick to draft in a much stronger QB group. HTTR!!

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