The Washington Wizards unveiled new-look uniforms today – we want to know what you think.

»PHOTOS: Wizards New Uniforms

Comments (4)
  1. G says:

    If they are going to wear those jerseys they might as well change their name to “Bullets”. I never liked the name “Wizards” anyway.

  2. Mark J says:

    Not a wizards fan but love the new jerseys. Its how the DC teams should look. Classic but with a new styling. Just like the Caps jerseys

  3. Bishop Anthony C. Becks says:

    I have several names to consider for the team other than bullets:
    1.) Washington Delegates
    2.) Washington Statesmen
    3.) Washington Authorities
    4.) Washington Explorers
    5.) Washington Ambassadors

    Please do not use LA suggestion the Washington Monument…uuuhhh

    respectfully submitted by Bishop Anthony C. Becks

  4. Ken Anderson says:

    Would be nice if they also have a blue alternate .

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