Terps Coaching Search Not In Crisis Mode According To Post Sportswriter Clarke

Liz Clarke, sportswriter for the Washington Post, does not believe that the Terps are in a “crisis area” just because they have not found a Men’s Basketball coach to replace Gary Williams who retired last week. But, she does think that the amount of money Maryland can offer is a downfall.  She believes that the allure of playing against ACC teams can push a coach to come to College Park. Clarke joined Lavar& Dukes Monday on 106.7 The Fan to discuss the Terps’ coaching search.

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  • michael

    We were all hoping for a big name coach to replace Gary. However, Gary has not been doing his job the last 7 years and as a result you are asking coaches at established programs to leave their highly touted recruits and established programs to “rebuild”. Who in the right mind would do that? If Gary had been doing his job and we had a solid nucleus of a team, we could have had a Dixon or a Miller. Texas A&M has one more Dematha player than we do. Villanova has 2 Montrose Christian players and will have a 3rd next year. I don’t dispute that Gary is a good coach. With Maryland being in the ACC and have the DC recruiting base, they should be a top 10 team year in and year out. Rudy Gay, Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Quinn Cook…. The list goes on of players from this area that did not come here

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