Patty Glaser Tries To Clear Up The Snyder Situation With LaVar And Chad

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  • Lisa Alford

    Dan Snyder never gets it! He has destroyed this franchise with the free-agent foolishness, Cerrato’s incompetence, his constant meddling with football decisions, relentless marketing and extortion from fans, and now he thinks that lawsuits against the media will change his image? Today’s media blitz only illustrates his tunnel vision that he and his money and influence can make the community embrace him no matter how he continues to break the hearts of Redskins fans. So sick of this!

  • Suzanne

    It’s hard to believe that Glasser is such a clueless person. Snyder of course we’ve known about for a long time. The last thing Snyder needs is another “yes sir, how high sir, you are correct sir” man. He needs someone who is going to be real with him. Snyder is so far out of touch with the public, and that is why he gets beat up by the press, and for no other reason. He brings it on himself.

  • Brian

    I tried to get through this, I really did. Lavar is just too hard to listen to.

  • FMJohnson

    She’s the kind of lawyer who gives the profession a bad name. (Just as flacks like Tony Wyllie gives PR a bad name.)

    The two of them are kind of a matched set; they’re just making things worse for their client/employer, and given how bad it already is for him, that’s saying a lot.

    (So then you have to ask: Patty Glaser, Tony Wyllie, Vinny Cerrato: what’s the common denominator? The same person hired all three of them.)

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