Vinny Cerrato To Discuss The NFL Draft On The Fan?

The Mike Wise Show is considering asking former Redskins GM Vinnie Cerrato to be on the show today to discuss the NFL Draft. We wanted to get your opinion.

  • Lizard

    Yes, why not. He’s no longer part of the team, be curious to see what his perspective is. Pretzel boy is the real problem, Vinnie was the patsy.

  • Vinne Hater

    Wise: What’s the love affair with him anyway?

    I would rather have a root canal without anesthesia than listening to Vinnie!!

  • Ramsay

    I’d like to hear Vinny on the show. I’m a die-hard ‘Skins fan and think he’s largely responsible for their problems, but I think it could be compelling.

  • Patrick Boone

    Have Vinny Cerrato on the show? Who’s next Muammar Gaddafi and Adolf Hitler’s pediatrics?

  • Ebben

    Does anyone actually believe (other than Dan Snyder) that Vinny is a football “expert”? There are hundreds of more qualified people to have on the show to discuss anything related to football. If he’s willing to air out some little-known Redskins secrets, then by all means have him on… otherwise, no way.

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