Nats Fan Is Fed Up With the Tomahawk Chop

If you’re an opposing team’s fan thinking about coming down to Nationals Park to cheer on your team, think again. Last Saturday an avid Nationals supporter grew a little frustrated with the amount of Braves fans and tomahawk chops he saw at the game and took it out on one guy in particular. “This ain’t Atlanta!” and “Not here, got the point?” were just a few things the unnamed angry Nats fan screamed at the guy. Nationals Park is our home and kudos to this guy for making that clear.

Check out the video here

  • Steve

    Too bad all the Braves fans think that how a team performs gives “rights” to people to root for their teams. So Nationals fans don’t have the right to be loyal in the face of bandwagon and/or traveling Braves fans? What a joke.

    Memo to braves fans: you’ve won ZERO games. Ever. The PLAYERS play the game, you cheer for Atlanta’s baseball team.

    Granted, the Braves fans are less violent than Philly fans and less idiotic than Cubs fans (they let Reds fans into Wrigley like a freaking sponge, yet take pride in showing up elsewhere). But it really ruins it for Nationals fans who are trying to go to the game and enjoy themselves. A competitive back and forth between fans is one thing, but people who act superior for no reason really need to leave.

    • Cash

      Wow, Steve. I’m sorry your vagina hurts so bad. get a life loser! Ooooh ohh uh oh Ooooh ohh uh oh Ooooh ohh uh oh Ooooh ohh uh oh Ooooh ohh uh oh Ooooh ohh uh oh

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