Former Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato gave us some time in studio to discuss some of the decisions he and the team made in the past ten years.


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  1. vetdana says:

    Vinny Cerrato said that it was perfectly acceptable to LIE to protect team interests!Lying was a part of the GM everyday job. Balony Bull !!. You shut your face rather than make up lies.. If I lied everyday to conduct my business, I would lose Trust first and the Business next .I dont do business with people that I know are lying to me ! Period!

  2. James says:

    Why does Vinny blame everybody except himself, it’s just pathetic. Vinny didn’t have a specific football decision that was his biggest mistake, his entire career as the Redskins GM was the biggest mistake.

  3. jon says:

    Why does the site automatically refresh every 5 minutes? It sucks

  4. Johnny Bravo says:

    Hard to listen when it refreshes. Idiots run this site.

  5. jo mama says:

    i’m sure they like to refresh the ads would be my guess, since they have 10 minutes of commercials every 7 minutes when you listen live….


  6. greg says:

    and what’s the deal with Vinnie blaming the media for the decision to have Joe Gibbs relinquish his play-calling duties? Since when did the media start making organizational decisions

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