Sure, it’s great to get a first round pick and Mike Bibby, Mo Evans  and Jordan Crawford from Atlanta in return for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton  Armstrong but don’t forget about the 117-94 thrashing at Philadelphia on  Wednesday night.

The Wizards have been creamed in three straight ballgames, two of the  three by middle of the road NBA teams with Miami  looming Friday.  As  much as the team would like you to look ahead with this “rebuild,’  I am  all about the here and now and what I see now, is troubling.

Ever since the Wizards finally got that first and only road win of  the season at Cleveland almost two weeks ago, their play has  dramatically decreased. Effort, focus and heart is nowhere to be found.  Wizards guard John Wall has had enough too, calling out his teammates  after the Sixers loss, basically questioning their heart.

I thought part of the rebuild entailed competing night in and night out. That hasn’t happened in three games now.

So, a golf clap for getting a first round pick in the trade. The  Wizards do need to get as many as they can and build around John Wall.  But now they have to draft wisely, something they have not done —  outside of selecting Wall — for years. Don’t get me started on the 2009  trade that dealt the 5th overall pick to Minnesota for Mike Miller and  Randy Foye who are no longer on the team!  The Wizards will have two  first round picks at least this summer. They can’t blow it again can  they? They can’t afford to.

Welcome Mike Bibby, Mo Evans and the kid who dunked on Lebron James,  Jordan Crawford. Best of luck. Hopefully you can bring the novel idea of  winning to D.C.

  1. James D says:

    You mean I have to play with Andray Baltche?? Damn…

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