Dan Snyder Joins LaVar And Dukes In Dallas

Dan Snyder talks with LaVar, Dukes and Mike Wise about the Redskins.

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  • dackattack

    LaVarr ruins yet another interview. Surprised?

    • Robert De Niro


    • LaVar Really Punked Out

      LaVar is a member of the media. That was 100% SELFISH of him. He’s talked a big talk in the past. And he didn’t back it up AT ALL. Completely hypocritical of him.

    • Lisa Alford

      I appreciate the professionalism displayed by LaVar, Chad, and Mike Wise during this important interview with Dan Snyder. I think that they maintained their integrity as radio hosts while asking difficult questions of this often criticized owner. Snyder does have a perception problem and has made bad decisions, including this lawsuit. Ultimately, he should be credited for appearing on the show and by being respectful, these hosts have hopefully opened and important door to Snyder’s future appearances.

      I understand LaVar showing his gratitude toward this owner/organization that created his career – what do people expect of him – but it would have been nice if he had allowed Wise to continue his question.

      Ultimately, Snyder is trying to “get it”, but hasn’t accomplished that yet. He obviously needs to hire more PR advisors to guide him as he attempts to rebuild his image. This lawsuit appears petty and frivolous which further damages Snyder’s image.

      Great job, guys! Next time, Lavar can thank Snyder and mend fences after the interview and let him answer more tough questions that the fans want answers to.


    • Red Pierce

      OMG lavar sold out!!! Mike Wise also and I liked both of their shows.


      Let’s face it, this is not Lavar’s fault, CBS should have never hired him. He is a horrible radio talent. Lavar was just not meant to be a public speaker. Hell of a nice guy, but not a media personality. Sorry Lavar

  • http://www.andrewiden.com freshpage72

    this was awful.
    can they stop drooling over each other and do an interview?

  • joeblow

    Dukes needs to do these interviews by himself. Lavar is so bad.

  • Joel

    Lavar sucks up to Snyder. Shocking. I wonder if Snyder ever gets sick of people kissing his A$$. Had a chance to make gold. …but didnt.

    I wonder how K&R would’ve handled this.



    • JOE DIRT

      I wonder myself you know he’s the poison in the skins along with the shannahans and if La Var LOVES this TEAM as he says why is he so affraid to tell snyder the truth and get him to give up the real truth about his intentions with this team IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY NOT THE TEAM

  • Mark

    I respect LaVarr for being man enough to talk it out. And Chad is the man for asking the toough questions !!

  • Kenny

    nose barriers

  • Kwani

    I do think Dan Snyder should be out in the public more. Sounds like a cool cat.

  • Totally Disgusted

    LaVar is the biggest pansie butt kisser. I have lost all respect after hearing him in the past slam Synder and now he gets on here and act like he is his best bud? Is he trying to get back on Syder’s payroll. Let Chad ask the questions he was too much of a punk to ask!

  • Nacho

    Snyder pays. Everyone else complains. Players and coaches need to step up. Dukes is the best!


    Link to original Washington City Paper Article. Read it for yourself. No mention that Snyder is Jewish. No mention of Snyder’s wife’s medical condition. No calling Snyder a criminal.

    Many Many references to Snyder’s slimy behavior, strongarm tactics and epic incompetence


  • siggy

    ANDYMANN — the artist and editor for that paper are both Jewish — it’s no wonder he wouldn’t touch that questions.

  • Josh, Oakton

    The show, especially LaVar, has suddenly become much less credible.

  • andyboy

    what a joke

  • Thomas

    Lavar really punked out. You cry for over a year and say how shady Dan is and all this BS and he shows up and you lay down. I am not fan of Dukes but at least he acted professional and didnt give him lip service. That was a complete waste of 15mins. The name of the station is 106.7 THE FAN. Ask questions that the FANS want answer to and reserve the kiss and make up session for after the interview! Lavar ruined the interview, as did Mike Wise by standing on his soap box for a Skins name change. Next time, Let Dukes do the interviews and Lavar and Mike can watch a professional work (like I said, I am no fan of Dukes)


    “I’m hurt” (Chad Dukes voice). Im a lavar fan. The streets is talking that Snyder pat lavar on the head and he wagged his tail. Snyder may not have approached the show with malicious intent but he was prepared for anything. Lavar had all that mouth for the lawyers but hugged and kiss Snyder. New respect for Chad, No respect for lavar. Snyder dictated to them what to attack and when to attack it (win-praise/ lose-boo). What???

    • Thomas

      Exactly. You talk all this trash and do nothing! I bet if that was a phone interview it would have gone different. Synder was infront of him and he punked out!

      • WHAT THE

        Who is lavar kidding? Snyder is not coming back on the show. He did what he wanted to do, address any issue that 106.7 had with him.

  • disappointed

    How disappointing.

    Kissin’ the mans Ass that made him rich. I will never listen to this show again.

  • RLB

    Dan, It is necessary to be personal and viscous. You ruined a great sports franchise! I can not believe that you guys sucked up to this guy!

  • you sick wjfk

    LaVar pussed out. yet again he proved that he is not truly a member of the media. He is proving it right now by trying to justify it. He was overrated as a player and overrated as a talk show host.

  • A total Disgrace


    You lost your spine today.

    Just sad. You should be ashamed.


    What happened to “Don’t say anything behind a mans back that you can’t say to his face”? I was prepared to go to battle for Lavar but he started wrapping Snyder a Valentines gift. Is his favorite movie 300 or 3’s company?

  • Wimpy LaVar!

    LaVar, I always thought of you as one of the toughest guys in the NFL, you sure wimped out in this interview!!

  • Alice Fladung

    In the interview Arrington came across as the incredibly weak sister, and finally giving me THE explanation I needed to explain his departure from the skins. His babbling after the interview about his relationship with Mr. Snyder was more sickening than the interview. Arrington has had many opportunities to take care of that issue –let us have a love fest today on MY show for my appreciation of DS — if that was ever important to him, so why now? He didn’t need this airtime to do it when obvious and timely issues were at hand. Weak sister explains all. May be he is looking for a job with DS.

  • Fire $nyder

    Too bad B Mitch wasn’t interviewing $nyder.. LaVar starts out the interview kissing $nyder’s butt lmao

  • Paul D

    New respect for Mike Wise, thought he was annoying but now like the fire! Wish Laverna let you go off, if you took over the show you would have saved Lavar his radio job, and helped them retain the number one ranked show. dukes on the other hand just got his own show, congested!

    One thing to note, Mr Snyder was the first person to cut off Lavar during his ridiculous rants….finally!!!

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