Redskins SVP Tony Wyllie and COO Dave Donovan joined The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes Wednesday afternoon to make their case regarding owner Dan Snyder’s impending lawsuit against the City Paper.

Read the article that prompted the lawsuit here.

During the interview, Wyllie and Donovan specifically objected to sections of McKenna’s piece which detailed legal issues concerning Snyder’s former telecom company, Snyder Communications, and Snyder’s departure from the board of Six Flags. For more clarifcation on these issues from other sources:

Regarding Snyder and Six Flags:
Click Here and visit

On Snyder Communications and forgeries:
Click Here

And an apology for said forgeries on his own web site:

Washington City Paper responded with an open letter to its readers this evening: Open Letter To Washington City Paper Readers

Late Wednesday evening, Dan Snyder filed a lawsuit against the holding company of the Washington City Paper. To read the lawsuit, click here.

Redskins TE Chris Cooley spoke with The Sports Junkies about the situation – listen to that interview here.

Comments (7)
  1. William A. Murray says:

    Is there a morals rule for owners in the NFL

  2. Mark Handle says:

    Classic crisis pr in play now on behalf of Team Snyder.

    First throw up as much junk into the air as possible to distract from the core issue. So, harp about “anti-semiitism. It is BS and they know it.

    Second, call in favors. Find the friendlies and use them as voices to get your message out. Listen to Chad and Lavar

    Third, play the victim. “We are only defending ourselves from this vicious attack.”

    Tried and true PR.

    The point here is that Snyder is trying to intimidate, threaten and strong arm an journalist because he wrote he hard truth.

    Fans need to see Snyder for what he is and vote with their pocket books. Stop subsidizing this pint-sized thug. We deserve better.

  3. Ben says:

    how can you expect me to listen to the whole damn interview when the page automatically refreshes every 4 damn minutes?! come on now.

  4. TJS says:

    Here we go again. Another Snyder smokescreen to distract fans from the truth.
    How are we ever going to be freed from this greedy megalomaniac?

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