Tonight, Maryland (14-7, 4-3 in the ACC) hosts rival #5 Duke (19-2, 6-1) in College Park.  Maryland is riding a three-game winning streak into tonights game.  Duke lost their last game, a non-conference tilt against St. John’s in Madison Square Garden.

11:04 – 2 minutes to go, Williams to the line for two and makes both.

11:02 – Mason Plumlee with a put-back dunk.  Puts the Blue Devils up 14 with just under 3 minutes to go.

10:55 – Mosley to the line, hits both free throws.

10:49 – Cliff Tucker hits a big shot to cut the lead back to single digits.  Terps need some defensive stops.  Like Now.  Leaving Dawkins wide open for 3, not the remedy.  He’s hit three 3’s so far.

10:44 – Jordan Williams picks up his 3rd foul on a foul that could have gone either way.  Plumlee looked as if he was falling already.  58-51.

10:42 – Terrell Stoglin out of control.  Didn’t look like Singler had his feet set.  I’m just saying.

10:40 – Terps are back in it.  They’ve cut it back down to 7 and Coach K calls timeout.

10:36 – Maryland starting to look competent on offense. Wish this was here 8 minutes ago.

10:35 – Hawk Palsson for 3.  54-43.

10:31 – Terps still without a 3.  Not anymore. Tucker with a 3, cuts it to 49-40.  Singler responds with a 3 of his own.

10:30 – Gregory with a big slam and Terps are back within ten. 47-37

10:25 – Bowie picks up a foul on the charge.  Duke bails them out and picks up another foul.  Smith’s 3rd.

10:22 – Mosley misses a beautiful layup.  Gary has seen enough.

10:19 – Williams at the line, makes 1 of 2.  Finally a foul call on a rebound.  That’s been a while in the making.

10:17 – Early turnover, I think I see Pe’Shon Howard getting some decent playing time in the 2nd half.

10:00 – Terps close on a 10-2 run.  Duke lead down to 40-33 at the half.

9:59 – I’m Cliff Tucker, and I love hitting big shots.

9:56 – Tucker’s floater from the free throw line is no good.  Padgett jumps way too early and loses out on the rebound.

9:55 – Referee conference gives Maryland the ball back after it was decided the errant pass was tipped.  Tucker in for Mosley.  1:39 to go. 40-28.

9:52 – Plumlee brothers going to town tonight.  Maryland needs to attack Kyle Singler and make Coach K pay for putting him back in with 2 fouls.  40-28 Duke.

9:50 – Duke continues to rain 3’s.  This has gotten ugly.  Really, really ugly.

9:45 – Miles Plumlee goes one of two from the line.  35-23.  Howard back in at point.  Tucker attempts a 3.  Maryland has to start hitting a 3 here or there, or getting stops on defense.

9:42 – Jordan Williams hits both free throws. 31-23.

9:40 – Thornton for 3.  Duke is starting to open the floodgates here.  31-21

9:39 – Duke is starting to kill Maryland on the offensive glass.  Curry adds a 3. 28-21 after a goaltending call on Duke.

9:37 – Duke starting to open up the game a little bit. Lead 25-18, with Jordan Williams headed to the line for 2.

9:33 – This is a crucial possession for the Terps, and Dino Gregory with the open dunk. 23-18

9:31 – Maryland can’t seem to get a defensive rebound.  Nolan Smith gets his own rebound, puts it back and draws the foul on Gregory.  22-16 with Smith at the line for 1.

9:30 – 3 by Smith and Plumlee works the shot clock down and hits the runner in the lane. Duke up 20-16.

9:28 – Williams back in the game and called for his second travel.  He’s getting upset.  16-15 Terps out of the Under-12.

9:24 – Jordan Williams makes both free throws (he’s now 4-for-4 from the line) and the Terps back up 14-13.

9:22 – Jordan Williams put the Terps back in the lead 12-11.  Bowie fouls Smith and he makes both free throws. 13-12 Duke.

9:20 – Sean Mosley’s second foul isn’t going over well.  At all.

9:14 – Even in Comcast Center, refs seems to be pro-Duke.  That was clearly a walk, and then he fell down with the ball, which is also a walk.  Smith with the easy 3.

9:13 – Singler with 4 early points.  J. Williams makes his two free throws.

9:10 – Nolan Smith with the player control foul. Mosley called for a cheap foul.

9:09 – Dino’s shot off the mark, no one down low to attempt a rebound. Plumlee went for the big dunk and it’s waved off for a shot clock violation. Nice passing by the Terps, Stoglin feeds a cutting Bowie on the baseline who gets it to Williams for an easy layup.

9:08 – Mason Plumlee opens up the game with the first basket of the game.

9:04 – Tyler Thornton and Nolan Smith booed heavily.  Think Maryland fans are bitter they didn’t come to College Park?

Starting Lineups:

Maryland: Bowie, Stoglin, Mosley, Gregory and Williams

Duke: Smith, Thornton, Singler, Plumlee and Kelly

8:05 – With about an hour to the tip here in College Park, The Terps will be wearing their Gold Jerseys.  Tonight’s game brings out the stars as Dan Schulman and Jay Bilas will be calling the game.  Former Terp Dave Neal will be in attendance tonight.

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