106958777 Maryland Basketball vs. Clemson   Live Blog

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Today, Maryland (11-7, 1-3 in the ACC) looks to rebound after back-to-back losses, and three of their last four games, against the Clemson Tigers (13-5, 2-2). 

4:34 – Tucker makes the first free throw, and Gary calls timeout.  79-77 with 1.6 to go.

4:32 – Mosley to the line for 2.  Makes both and it’s 78-75.

4:30 – Stitt hits a three, and it’s now 76-75 with 14.7 to go.

4:28 – Stoglin makes both his free throws to make it 75-69.  Dino Gregory with a terrible foul, and Stitt goes to the line for a 3-point play.  Makes it, and it’s not 75-72.  Bowie is fouled and will head to the line.

4:25 – Maryland playing keep away after the Clemson miss.  Adrian Bowie to the line.  Makes both.  73-66

4:22 – Jordan Williams to the line for 2. Makes both.  Adrian Bowie misses the front end of a one-and-one.

4:20 – Tucker and Stitt trade 3’s and we are at 69-66. Clemson calls a timeout.

4:19 – Tucker makes 1 of 2 from the line. 66-60.  Andre Young hits a 3 with 3 minutes left. 66-63.

4:14 – Sean Mosley misses the open three.  Then Dino Gregory draws an offensive foul.

4:12 – The other night was the Cliff Tucker show for 3 minutes, we are witnessing the Dino Gregory show right now.

4:11 – Big basket by Gregory to put the Terps back up 3. 63-60

4:09 – Jerai Grant goes up strong and gets the basket and the foul. Misses the free throw.  Terrible display of free throw shooting today. Clemson gets the offensive rebound.

4:07 – The fans sitting behind me HATE Cliff Tucker. He can’t do anything right for them.  Mosley gets sloppy and picks up the foul.

4:06 – Jennings with his second air ball of the game. Fans really letting him have it.  Padgett will head to the line for two.  Play was set up by a nice play by Tucker. Padgett makes the first, second hit the side of the backboard. Yikes.

4:03 – Williams with the tough basket underneath.  Reached the under-8 timeout 60-54

3:56 – Devin Booker with four straight points for Clemson, and the Terps waste another possession.  54-50, 11 minutes to go.

3:55 – Rebound #9 for Jordan Williams.  One away for setting a new school record for double doubles.  Two consecutive possessions the Terps turn the ball over.

3:53 – Gregory with his first points of the game as he makes a nice spin move and draws the foul. Gregory makes the free throw. 54-46 Terps

3:49 – Demontez Stitt just airballed a layup. Seriously. Cliff Tucker with a floater in the lane to push the lead back to 5.

3:48 – Williams called for the walk, crowd not happy, but it’s the right call.

3:44 – Maryland can’t seem to put the Tigers away.  A terrible shot by Stoglin falling away and spinning from the basket. 49-46

3:42 – Maryland pushes the lead to 8 with a basket by Bowie, but Bowie is down on the ground and needs assistance to get back to his feet.  Tucker checking in for Bowie.

3:40 – Stitt misses the first, but makes the second free throw. 42-39.  Stoglin with a big 3. 45-39.

3:37 – Palsson with the offensive board, Clemson fouls Bowie on his drive to the basket.  42-36

3:19 – Maryland finishing off the half in sloppy fashion.  7-0 run for the Tigers. 40-36

3:15 – Stoglin with an off-balance 3 and Williams cleans up the rebound and is fouled, misses both free throws. 40-29

3:11 – Hawk Palsson sinks a 3.  Terps just letting Andre Young get any shot he wants.

3:09 – After some internet issues, Terps are up 34-26 after two free throws from Jennings for Clemson.

2:51 – Sean Mosley responding well to the benching as he hits a 3, a rarity, and he has 7 points.

2:50 Stoglin to the line for two, and he makes both 15-13.

2:49 – Mosley makes both free throws, then Clemson breaks the Terps press pretty easy and Stitt with an easy basket. 13-13.

2:48 – Maryland looking to go inside, but to Mosley.  Guess they see a matchup they can exploit.

2:45 – Bowie putting together another solid performance so far.  6 early points for Bowie 11-10. Terrible foul by Howard.  Anderson makes one of two from the line. 11-11

2:42 – Gregory misses both free throws, but gets his own rebound. Bowie makes a great play and gets the basket, but somehow gets a charge called on him? Never seen that before.  Press is already paying dividends for the Terps, Mosley with the steal and an easy basket.

2:38 – Terrible shot by Bowie with the clock winding down.  Andre Young with a 3.  10-5.

2:35 – Terps go inside immediately and Williams goes one of two from the line.  Narcisse makes a basket on the other end, and Jordan Williams responds with a nice post move for an easy basket.  Grant headed to the line Palsson with his second foul.  5-5

2:33 – Adrian Bowie opens the game with two free throws. Jerai Grant draws the foul on Hawk Palsson.  3-2 Clemson.

2:20 – In what has to be a shock, Sean Mosley will be coming off the bench this afternoon.  Hawk Palsson will start in his place.  Terrell Stoglin also back in the starting lineup after being benched for being late to a “team thing” for the last game.

1:55 – With half an hour to tip off, the only new information to pass along is Tanner Smith will miss today’s game for Clemson.  He suffered a sprained knee in Clemson’s last game against UNC.


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