1069775231 Maryland Basketball vs. Virginia Tech   Live Blog

Maryland 11-6 (1-2 in the ACC) faces off against Virginia Tech 11-5 (2-2).  The matchup will be highlighted by Maryland Sophomore Center Jordan Williams and Virginia Tech’s Senior Guard Malcolm Delaney.  Delaney is 3rd in the conference in scoring and Williams is 4th.  Maryland is a 4-point favorite at home.  If they can make their free throws expect them to come out on top.

10:45 – Looked like Jeff Allen threw an elbow there on his way for the foul on Jordan Williams.

10:40 – Just like that the lead is back to 15.  Guess there was no Villanova-esque run in them tonight.

10:35 – Cliff Tucker Beast Mode.

10:28 – Mychal Parker contributing, he may have made some fans tonight.  Hits a pair of free throws and got a tough offensive rebound.

10:23 – Jordan Williams makes an appearance, and puts in the rebound. 53-38.  Bowie picks up his fourth foul.  Mychal Parker in for Bowie.  Gary hitting the bench deep on this one looking for a spark.

10:18 – Charge on Atkins and Maryland takes back over, down 49-36.

10:12 – Two pretty terrible misses by Cliff Tucker on one possession.  Delaney makes both free throws for Tech and Williams checks back in for the Terps. 47-32 Tech.

10:08 – Dino Gregory with the putback.  Jordan Williams doesn’t look into this game, at all.

10:07 – Tough foul on Bowie, looked like all ball.

10:05 – Bowie, deservedly so, gets the start over Pe’Shon Howard to start the 2nd half.  Erick Green opens up with another basket, and Jordan Williams misses 1 of 2 free throws. 42-30.

9:44 – Delaney getting booed at the free throw line, he sinks both.  37-27.  Adrian Bowie working on his best game of the conference season so far.  10 points now.  37-29.  Atkins hits a 3 at the end of the half to make it 40-29.

9:43 – Hawk Palsson in the game and he’s giving some good minutes off the bench so far.

9:40 – Maryland hits two free throws.  I don’t get to type this often, let me enjoy it.

9:36 – Maryland cannot box any one out tonight.

9:35 – Williams with his first basket of the game after an airball by Tucker.  30-21. (of course he missed the free throw)

9:32 – At some point, the Terps will figure out Erick Green is pretty good.  They might also learn to hold on to the ball in transition.

9:27 – Under-8, Tech leads 26-17.

9:26 – Mosley cleans up the mess that was that possession with a floater in the lane. 26-17.

9:25 – Padgett with the and-one opportunity.  Misses the free throw. 23-15.

9:24 – Erick Green is just destroying the Maryland guards. It’s not even fair at this point. 23-13 Tech.

9:18 – Terps starting to make this a game again, Bowie with another 3.  17-10 Tech.  James Padgett has provided a nice defensive spark.

9:16 – Definitely don’t want to see the Terps fall in love with the 3 early.  Big charge by Dino Gregory, Allen picks up the foul. 15-5 Tech.

9:14 – Delaney responds with a 3. 15-3.  Mosley hits a jumper and Terps are in starting to wake up.  15-5.

9:13 – Davila misses both free throws and Williams with the rebound for the Terps.  Bowie hits a three to get the Terps on the board. 12-3

9:10 – Erick Green with a layup makes it 12-0.  Williams picks up an early foul.  I think this is a disaster, I think.  At the under-16 timeout.

9:06 – Terps waste their first possession and Howard’s shot is blocked as time expires on the shot clock.  Allen hits a 3. 5-0 Tech.  Dino Gregory misses a wide open jumper from about 18 feet.  Erick Green hits a floater in the lane. 7-0 Tech.

9:05 – Tip Off: Va Tech wins the tip and Bell immediately scores off the tip. 2-0 Tech.

9:00 – Starters:

Virginia Tech –  Terrell Bell, Jeff Allen, Victor Davila, Erick Green, Malcolm Delaney

Maryland – Cliff Tucker, Dino Gregory, Pe’Shon Howard, Sean Mosley and Jordan Williams.

8:55 – One student just has Malcolm Delaney’s quote on a poster.  “Maryland has the worst fans ever”.

8:45 – Surprised by the crowd tonight.  National TV game, even the student section isn’t full.  However, Byron Mouton is here as the honorary captain, so I’m happy.

8:30 – Starters should be announced in next couple minutes.

8:25 – 30 minutes to tip off.  Maryland will be in their home gold’s for tonight.  Over/Under on hearing “Black and Yellow” is 3.5.  We are already at 1.

  1. Matt says:

    They have to push it without losing control. Terps seem to be right on the edge of out of control. One step from really bad play…

  2. Matt says:

    Im so happy Jordan didnt lose his mind and start throwing hands. That would really put us behind the 8 ball….3:15 TO GO DOWN BY 13, still in it.

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