55710469 Military Bowl   Live Blog

Maryland vs. ECU face off in the 2010 Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman.  Check out my Keys to the Game.  Terps defeat ECU 51-20 in the coaching finale of Ralph Friedgen.


6:20 – Jamarr Robinson in at QB, and Maryland finally running the clock out. Ralph getting hugs from the coaching staff on the sideline.

6:16 – Kenny Tate nearly picks off a pass in the end zone.  ECU will add a late TD as Justin Jones comes up with the 14 yard TD.

6:13 – ECU still throwing and the clock continues to move as slowly as possible.

6:11 – Austin Walker with the sack of D. Davis.  Davis down hurt and the Fridge gets a powerade bath.

6:10 – Fridge gets to go out in style.  I’m really happy for him.

6:05 – Maryland hits 50 on D.J. Adams fourth touchdown of the day.  51-13.

6:03 – Maryland picks it up and more on a Meggett screen.

6:01 – Maryland with a 3rd and 11, O’Brien dumps it off to LaQuan Williams.  Pick up only 3 yards.  Maryland going for it on 4th and 8.

5:57 – On 1st and 25, the Terps come out throwing up 31.  Pass intended for Yeatman and he draws the Pass Interference.

5:55 – Oh, it seems ECU has found a fourth down situation in which they’ll punt.  Out of their own end zone.  Logan catches the punt at the 40.

5:54 – Wujciak drops a sure pick.

5:52 – Danny O’Brien goes deep and hits Torrey Smith in the shoulder pad and tips up and is picked off.  Probably should have just run some clock out.

5:50 – ECU punts away from Tony Logan.  So ECU has stopped kicking to both of Maryland’s main return threats.

5:48 – Terps seem to be getting back to blitzing as Moten and Tate pressured Davis on that play.

5:43 – Da’Rel Scott with a 91-yard TD run on the next play. 44-13

5:42 – Maryland will take over on downs as ECU loses a yard on 4th and goal from the 8.

5:39 – Davis throws incomplete to Harris on 2nd and goal.  A little low. 3rd and goal from the 1, hand-off and Zach Kerr drops Ruffin in the backfield.

5:38 – Safe to say Lewis has dominated Trenton Hughes today.  WOW, amazing tackle by Perez in space, and Perez hurts himself celebrating.

5:37 – Another fade to Lewis, and rather than catching it, Lewis just draws a pass interference.

5:35 – Davis completes to Justin Jones and Jones gets the ball inside the 5.  Up 24 Terps definitely taking their foot off the gas on defense.  22 yard pick up.

5:33 – Lance Lewis keeps making plays for ECU.  Another great throw from Davis.

5:29 – So the final quarter of the friedgen era begins. Guys are playing their heart out.

5:23 – Maryland offsides.  First down for ECU.  29 seconds left in the third quarter.

5:20 – Da’Rel Scott responds immediately for a 61 yard TD. 37-13 Terps.

5:17 – Maryland holds ECU to a field goal as Barbour connects from 31 yards out.

5:16 – After the requisite false start on ECU, They pick up 2 yards on second down to make it 3rd and 13.  Would be big for Terps to hold here.

5:13 – Maryland blitzes big and Lance Lewis with another fantastic catch.  One-on-one against Trenton Hughes.  They’ve lost that match-up all day.  First down at the 11 for ECU.

5:12 – Delay of Game on ECU on 4th and 1, now 4th and 6.

5:11 – Completion to Harris ruled incomplete.  After a second look, his foot was out of bounds, good call. Even better catch.

5:09 – Davis finds Jones again, this time for 17 yards.  He’s a huge matchup problem for Chism.

5:08 – Davis pressured and completes to Jones for 6 yards.

5:05 – O’Brien fires to Tony Logan and nearly picks up a first down.  Adams back in at RB, and picks up the first down and down at the 1. Adams with his third rushing TD of the day.  30-10 Terps.

5:04 – O’Brien on play action finds Furstenburg again, this time for 12 yards.  Scott back in at RB and picks up 3.  Terps at the 10 yard line.

5:03 – ECU comes on a heavy blitz and the screen works perfectly as Meggett picked up 31.

5:02 – Torrey Smith bobbles the ball on the screen and loses three yards.

5:00 – After Garcia limps off, Da’Rel Scott busts off a nice 11 yard run.  Meggett in at RB and picks up 2 yards on first down.

4:52 – Lance Lewis scores on the 20 yard pass from Dominique Davis.  23-10 Terps.

4:50 – Maryland fortunate that the receiver slipped, but ECU fortunate that it wasn’t picked off.  Just an ugly play.

4:48 – Kevin Dorsey drops a sure first down on 3rd and 13.  Baltz punting out of his own end zone, but ECU doesn’t pressure him.  Harris with a huge return and he’s down at the 15 yard line.

4:47 – Pinegar with the false start.  Now 3rd and 13 for the Terps.

4:46 – That’s the second time Maryland has run the statue of liberty play, and it hasn’t worked either time.

4:41 – Lewis beats Trenton Hughes and Davis just overthrows him.  3rd and 6 for ECU, Davis’ pass behind Jeremy Davis and nearly picked off by Perez.  Maryland dialing up the blitz and it seems to be really effective.

4:40 – Ferrara kicks the ball out of bounds and ECU will start at the 40.

4:35 – D.J. Adams scores his second 1-yard TD of the day.  23-3 Terps.

4:34 – Davis picked off, and David Mackall returns it to the 1 yard line.  Antwine Perez deflects it to Mackall.

4:33 – Davis flushed out of the pocket by Kenny Tate and Davis connects.  Ruffin with a late hit on Kenny Tate 2nd and 22.

4:31 – We start the second half with the theme from the first half.  A flag.  Maryland offside on a kickoff.  ECU will start at their 31.

4:08 – Tate on the blitz, but Perez there to shut down the play for a loss of 3.

4:06 – Nevermind, forgot the NCAA has different rules.

4:05 – Fantastic punt by Baltz pins ECU at the 1.  However, refs will take a look at it.  Looks like it may be going out to the 20.

4:01 – Refs come out to measure, and it’s 2nd and inches.  Maryland looks like they are blitzing big.  Davis fumbles, and Adrian Moten recovers.  Terps take over with 1:18 left in the half.

3:59 – Big third down conversion to Lance Lewis, and then ECU responds with a false start on first down.  8th penalty for ECU.

3:58 – Lance Lewis left wide open.  Carter was about 5 yards off of him.  Not good.

3:54 – This is D.J. Adams territory.  Adams picks up 2, and a first down at the half yard line.  Adams should stay in at the goal line.  Adams in for the 1-yard Touchdown.  16-7 Terps

3:53 – Meggett back in, and carries to the 3 yard line.  Nice pickup.

3:52 – All three running backs have now carried on this possession.  All three with good runs.  Maryland with a first and 10, at the 11.

3:51 – That was the type of run I’ve been waiting for all day against this awful ECU defense.  44 yard pickup for Meggett down to the 22 of ECU.

3:50 – Gaddis on the return, ECU looking like they are avoiding Torrey Smith.

3:49 – Mike Barbour connects from 37 yards out. 9-3 Terps.

3:44 – False Start on ECU.  Both teams struggling with penalties.

3:43 – Kenny Tate with pressure off the edge and forces Davis to throw the ball away.  Tate gets called for roughing the passer and ECU will get a first down anyway.

3:42 – Davis avoids the sack, but Kenny Tate tracks him down before he can get the first down.  ECU will go for it on 4th and 4.

3:38 – Harris with his second catch of the game, and this one for a first down.  Wow, what a play by Lewis.  Too bad that’s called incomplete, that would have been a heck of a catch.  Hughes didn’t even look back for the ball until it was too late.

3:35 – Another penalty on the kick return.  Personal Foul on Maryland.  Trenton Hughes threw a punch.

3:31 – Maryland will be forced to kick a field goal again.  Who does this ECU defense think they are? Maryland? Where did this redzone defense come from?  Baltz hits the 23 yard field goal. 9-0.

3:28 – Adams rumbles and stumbles down to the 3.  Then loses the 3 on 2nd down.  3rd and goal from the 6.

3:26 – Wait, a tight end?  O’Brien finds Furstenburg for a big play, and you can tack on extra yardage for a penalty.  Maryland now at the 7.  29 yard catch by Furstenburg and 7 yards on the penalty.

3:21 – ECU going backwards.  Two straight completions for negative yardage.  ECU forced to punt and Maryland takes over at the ECU 43.

3:16 – 3rd and 6 from the 8, and O’Brien can’t squeeze the ball into LaQuan Williams.  Maryland forced to kick a 25 yard field goal.  No Good.

3:15 – Meggett in on first down and picks up 2.  Maryland rushing offense not going off like I thought they would against this terrible ECU rush defense.  Adams picks up 2 more on 2nd down.

3:14 – Another completion, and Boykins picks up 8 for the first down.

3:09 – Another turnover by ECU and Maryland takes over in ECU territory again.  Scott with a 5 yard run on first down down to the 23.

3:04 – O’Brien short on third down.  Baltz in to punt.  Short punt and out at the 20.

3:02 – Danny O’Brien has looked very poised since the early pick.  Give credit to him for rebounding so far.  A key 3rd and 13 here.

3:01 – D.J. Adams, the bruiser, comes in to pick up the first down after a nice spin move.

3:00 – What we’ve all been waiting on, Torrey Smith with his first catch of the day for 9 yards.

2:58 – Maryland not throwing in Torrey Smith’s direction so far.  5 yard pick up by Dorsey.  Maryland throwing again, and O’Brien finds Boykins for a first down.  Meggett carries on first down and is stopped behind the line of scrimmage, lost a yard.

2:57 – Da’Rel Scott with a 9 yard run on first down.  Meggett comes in to pick up the first down.

2:56 – Davis’ pass picked off by S Eric Franklin.  Terps will take over at their own 28.

2:54 – 2nd and 4, and ECU tries to run.  Moten stops Ruffin at the line, falls forward for 2.  Terps look like they are blitzing heavy on third down.  Arrington picks up 9 on the quick throw.  Good awareness by Davis to recognize the blitz.

2:53 – ECU using the short passing game effectively so far.  Picking up the first down on a nice crossing route.

2:52 – Cam Chism with a facemask.  I was really hoping his season had turned around.  Wait, holding on Justin Jones.  ECU now back to 1st and 16.

2:47 – O’Brien throws the fade of his back foot and hits Kevin Dorsey in stride for a 45-yard TD.  6-0 Terps after XP is blocked.

2:46 – Maryland now committing to the run, probably a smart idea against the 116th run defense.  Runs on first and second down give Maryland a 3rd and 5.

2:42 – Scratch that, inches short.  Wujciak blows up Ruffin in the backfield and Maryland will take over on downs.

2:39 – Another penalty, this one a false start.  Lewis picks up 6 yards on 2nd down.  Sets up our first third down of the day.  3rd and 6 for the Pirates, Complete to Lewis for 7 yards.

2:38 – ECU goes for 14 on their first play, then immediately goes up to the line and snap it for the first down.

2:35 – Illegal Block in the back backs Maryland up to their own 8.  O’Brien going deep on the first play of the game, and it’s intercepted.

2:34 – Maryland will receive, and we’ll see our first look at Torrey Smith.

2:30 – ECU, home of the purple and gold.  They should just show this video every time they play.

2:01 – Maryland wearing red jerseys with white pants, ECU wearing white on white.

1:51 – Maryland will be without four players who are academically ineligible.  DE Drew Gloster, G Pete White and WR’s Ronnie Tyler and Quinton McCree.  Gloster is a starter and White started the game against NC State at G.  With McCree and Tyler out look for even more work headed Torrey Smith and LaQuan Williams’ way.

  1. Turtle says:

    Are you guys going to be streaming the play-by-play on the net? A lot of us are stuck at work in DC with no TV but we have internet access!

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