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  • Robert

    If I were Dan Snyder here is how I would run this team:

    1) Start a Marketing Campaign named “Out with the Old Hogs and In with the New Skins”
    2) Draft All Rookies for every Position on the O Line and welcome Walk-Ons. The Drafted Rookies will understand that their and all O-Line Shelf life with the Skins organization will be 4 years. The very next year I would be draft a few as their replacements( BACKUPS).
    3) I would have my scouts looking for and i would only draft Defensive backs and safties that were known as vicious hitters on the scale of laundry or like the late Sean Taylor. I would have a defense with the reputation of hard hitters. 4 year Shelf
    4) I would keep Mcnabb, however I would draft 2 fresh Quarterbacks that could grow with the New Skins. I would keep my quarterback consistent and only draft if I really needed.
    5) I would Draft or try out rookie running backs and again put them on a 4 year shelf life.
    6) I would alllow the coaching staff to coach and control the team and give them all the resources to make it work. I would stay out of thier way and hold them 100% accountable for the success and failures of the team performance. I would base their bonuses on every game above 500. 500 hundred and below..No Bonus. I would not allow players or coaches feel like demi gods.
    This is the way to build a dynasty for years to come and gaurantee even more profits than imaginable for the future.

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