725106761 Maryland vs. NC State   Live Blog

Maryland will face off against NC State this afternoon and try to dash NC State’s hopes for an ACC Atlantic Championship.  The Terps lost their chance at the Atlantic Division title last week with a loss to Florida State.  The lack of a crowd due to Thanksgiving and the disappointing loss last week does not bode well for the Terps.  However, the Terps didn’t come out flat and blew the doors off NC State and their championship hopes.

7:25 – After the measurement the Terps get the first down.

7:23 – O’Brien completes a pass to Torrey Smith, NC State calls timeout.  Looks like 4th and 1 for the Terps.  Baltz was on the field, now O’Brien coming back out.

7:22 – Terps recover onside kick and now just running the clock out.  NC State had all 3 timeouts left, so this is going to make things interesting.  3rd and 9 upcoming after the timeout.

7:15 – When i thought it was a waste of time to debate adding back 2 seconds.  It was even more pointless to then debate again, and take the 2 seconds back off the clock.  Pushing 4 hours here by the end of this.  Wilson’s pass complete to Washington 38-31 Terps.

7:13 – NC State converts. This game feels like it’s been going on forver, and at 3 hours 45 minutes, it has.  There’s no reason to reset the game clock for 2 seconds.

7:11 – Wilson avoids the rush again and picks up 7 yards on the scramble.  Wilson’s pass on third down is ruled incomplete.  Another crucial 4th down upcoming.

7:10 – Wilson avoids pressure, again, and get’s off another first down pass, again.

7:08 – Trenton Hughes terrible night just got slightly better as he broke up that pass to Davis.  Antwine Perez’ night got even better with his pass breakup of Spencer.

7:07 – Flag on the play, i’m guessing a Pass Interference on Trenton Hughes, his second of the day.  Turns out to be holding, but still on Hughes.

7:06 – NC State recovers the onside kick.  Wow, just laziness by the Terps.

7:03 – Play is under review, not sure how they’ll determine otherwise, but looks like Wilson is in for the TD.  Demetrius Hartsfield hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct.  So either it’s a TD, or 1st and goal.

7:00 – Wilson stopped on 3rd down and now the Terps face a 4th down play from the 1.  Maryland called timeout so the false start is negated.

6:57 – Another NCSU first down.  Incomplete pass for Spencer on first down.  2nd and 10 from the 18, complete to Williams for 7 yards.  3rd and 4, complete down to the 3 yard line.  Washington on first down gets to the 1.  2nd and goal from the one and Wilson fumbles the snap.  Wilson recovers his own fumble.

6:56 – NCSU moves the ball down the field quickly have a 3rd and 1 at the Terps 21 after an incomplete pass.

6:48 – Play went under review and Gloster gets credit for the sack at the 29.  First play is a 71 yard TD pass from O’Brien to Smith.  That gives them 4 TD’s on the day each.  Unsportsmanlike conduct, but at this point its irrelevant.  38-17 Terps.

6:46 – Wilson flushed out of the pocket by Tate and he throws the ball up for grabs incomplete.  NCSU going for it on 4th down.  Pass is incomplete as Gloster is dragging him down.  Terps take over at their own 8.

6:45 – Washington smothered in the backfield as Vellano was the first one there.

6:42 – Injured Wolfpack player on the field.  Looks like a lineman.

6:39 – Perez with another tackle.  If not for this O’Brien-Smith connection he’d be your MVP for the day.  Russell Wilson just ran 70 yards across the field to pick up 24 on the play.

6:37 – Tate, Wujciak and the rest of Terps D chasing after Wilson on first down.  Throws it away.  2nd down, Wujciak with the facemask.  NCSU moves up to the 41.

6:30 – O’Brien to Smith from 12 yards out.  31-17 Terps.

6:28 – Terps will start from their own 48.  Points here will really demoralize the Pack.  20 yard pass from O’Brien to Dorsey.  Another great throw from O’Brien.  He’s looked incredible today.

6:26 – Justin Anderson with the sack.

6:25 – Wilson’s pass intended to Spencer is incomplete.  Slightly overthrown.

6:23 – Baltz in to punt from the 35.  Graham takes the punt at the 23 and runs out of bounds at the 26.  42 yard punt by Baltz.

6:20 – Torrey Smith sets a career high with his 11th reception of the day.

6:15 – Czajkowski in for the 31 yard FG attempt.  It’s right down the middle and good.

6:13 – Maryland bailed out by Bryan dropping the sure TD pass for NCSU.  2nd and 10 from the 14.  Washington stopped in the backfield by Vellano on 2nd down.

6:12 – Another first down. Hughes breaks up a pass, finally.  Now Wilson taking off on second down and he picks up the first down.

6:10 – NCSU starting to march down the field here.  Wilson’s pass tipped by Moten on first down.

6:07 – Very impressive TD throw from O’Brien.  Tight window, being chased, rolled to his left.  Savvy.  Terps up 24-14.  Chism and Francis are having good games, combine to take down short of the first down.  3rd and 2.  Of course, NCSU still converts on third down.

6:01 – Another completion by O’Brien.  This time to LaQuan Williams.  Gain of 29, and some tough yards after the catch.

5:58 – O’Briens pass incomplete and that brings up 3rd and 11.  In not shocking news, O’Brien looks to Smith on 3rd down and he picks up 21.  Smith is having a monster game.  9 catches for 120 yards and a TD.

5:57 – Pass complete to Torrey Smith for a gain of 13.  O’Brien was pressured and still got away a nice pass.

5:56 – Punt rolls into the end zone and Terps will take over at their own 20.

5:55 – Terps hold on 3rd down and force Ruiz to punt.

5:54 – Russell Wilson catches his own pass and picks up 5 yards.  There is literally nothing he can’t do.

5:50 – Terps forced to punt.  Lee-Odai on the tackle. 35 yard punt by Baltz.

5:49 – Maryland just can’t get anything going on the ground.  Abandon the run, Ralph.  Just do it.  O’Brien is carving up this secondary.

5:47 – Pass Interference by Wilson on Torrey Smith.  Would have been 50 yard play, instead just 15.  I don’t like the college PI rules.

5:46 – Terps to start at their own 4.  O’Brien throws complete to Yeatman out of the end zone for 10 yards.

5:43 – Wilson’s ability to scramble is unmatched.  It’s ridiculous.  Incomplete pass though.

5:41 – Tate getting in the action and stopping NCSU and force 3rd and 7.

5:39 – Terps to kick off to start the half.

5:13 – Pass intended for LaQuan Williams, but incomplete.

5:10 – 4th and 10, Czajkowski in to kick.  Blocked by the Terps and recovered by Isiah Ross who pitches to Perez.  Terps will take over at the NC State 47. 43 seconds to play.

5:09 – Wilson steps up in the pocket, but incomplete.  Forces 3rd down.

5:08 – Trenton Hughes pulling a Cam Chism today.  Getting beat and giving up pass interference penalties.

5:06 – Wilson’s pump fake gets him by Kenny Tate.  Tate looked like he had him in the backfield.

5:04 – Wilson sacked by Mackall.  This kid is going to be special.

5:03 – Really glad Ralph called that timeout after the 3 yard run just to give up back-to-back first downs.

4:57 – Loss of 7 yards on 2nd down as Scott looks to throw the bowl off the pitch.  Terrible play.  Torrey Smith makes up for it with the 11 yard TD catch.

4:55 – Eric Franklin picks off Russell Wilson.  Maryland will take over at the 3.  Have to get 7 here.

4:54 – Baltz in to attempt from 37.  Wide right.

4:52 – Meggett picks up 7 on 2nd down with a nice run.  Sets up 3rd and 9 from the 20.

4:51 – O’Brien looks very effective when he rolls out to the right.  He gets in space and hits Kerry Boykins for 16 yards.  At the 21, wait, Nate Irving sack.  2nd and 16.

4:49 – Maryland forces a three and out.  Would love to see Maryland bring the house here.  Greene with a head injury, will be updated at halftime.

4:47 – Torrey Smith gets a hand on the pass, but it was well behind him.

4:46 – Jamarr Robinson coming in at QB.  6 words I hate.

4:43 – Perez forces the fumble, then recovers.  Play under review, but upheld.  Maryland gets possession at the NC State 36.

4:39 – Chism just destroys Mustafa Greene.  However, it was clean.  The 15 yard penalty was unnecessary.  Unless it was for the little move Chism made once he hit him.  Clean hit though.  Greene still down.

4:38 – Maryland defense giving way too much cushion to the NC State receivers.  Perez lays some lumber though, but NC State still picks up the first down.

4:35 – On 3rd and 12, Maryland only picks up 7.  Threw it underneath to Yeatman who was well short.

4:33 – Pinegar with the heads up play to pick up the fumble.

4:32 – Scott hits the hole and picks up 3.  Looked like if he bounced outside he could have gotten at least 5.

4:31 – Punt officially 12 yards.

4:28 – Maryland finally gets a stop on 3rd down.  4th and 3 and NC State will punt.  Whether they punt it to Logan is up for debate.   Umm.  I’m speechless as to why Logan would try to go touch the ball.  NC State touches the ball and fumbles it.

4:27 – Maryland’s biggest defensive problem all year is their play on 3rd down.  Another long conversion by NC State.  Chism laid some lumber on first down.  Good to see him getting in to the game in a positive fashion.

4:22 – Yeatman with a nice one handed catch, and Adams plunges in from 2 yards out.

4:20 – O’Brien complete to Torrey Smith for 35 yards.  Not sure how NC State didn’t cover him or tackle him on his run across the field.  Impressive play.

4:19 – Pass complete to Cannon for no gain.  O’Brien 13-of-16 for 102 yards so far.

4:15 – First Quarter ends on a nice play from O’Brien to Cannon.  O’Brien avoided the rush and rolled out to his right and threw a strike to Cannon for the first down.

4:14 – DJ Adams not nearly as successful this week.

4:09 – NC State just marches down the field.  That was rough to watch.

4:07 – Wilson picks up the first down anyway.  Finds Davis for 21 more yards.  Trenton Hughes is being abused right now by the NC State receivers.

4:06 – Incomplete pass, ruling over turned.

4:03 – Jarvis Williams clearly stepped out of bounds before he caught the ball, this play will be reversed.

4:02 – Nice sack by A.J. Francis.  Terps line is already getting more pressure than we saw all last week against FSU.

4:01 – Play is ruled incomplete.

4:00 – 4th down play is under review.  Looks like he caught it, but may have not been in bounds.

3:57 – O’Brien finds Cannon on a crossing route for 5 yards.

3:56 – O’Brien really focusing on getting the ball to Torrey Smith.  I have nothing against this game plan.  In fact, I encourage it.

3:54 – Nice rollout by O’Brien and hits Yeatman.

3:53 – Smith flips the ball to Logan on the kick return and makes a few people miss before Zach Kerr – his teammate – knocks him down at the 30.

3:48 – Tate with a touchdown saving tackle as he came off the edge and stoped him.  Wilson on the keeper and NC State up 7-0.

3:47 – Russell Wilson scrambles left, forced back to the right, then forced to the left and somehow no one kept contain and he ends up picking up 15 yards down to the 3.

3:45 – Wujciak drops a pick-six, but the pass breakup forces 3rd and long.  Darrell Davis beats Trenton Hughes on a slant picks up about 35 yards before Hughes forces a fumble which was recovered by Jarvis Williams at the 29 of Maryland.

3:41 – Adams loses a yard on 3rd and 1, and Baltz with the short punt.  NC State takes over at their own 30 after a 31 yard punt.

3:38 – Looks like the timeout was worth it.

3:36 – Maryland calls timeout 30 seconds into the game.  Great strategy.

3:26 – Capital One Field starting to fill up a little.  Just not in the student section.

3:16 – Watching all the seniors getting introduced is definitely something special.  All the players being recognized for 4-5 years of hard work at the University of Maryland, or in Will Yeatman’s case 8 months.

3:05 – With half an hour to kickoff the stadium is quite empty.  Doesn’t look like a big crowd for senior day.


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