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Maryland Football faces off against Florida State this evening in the Terps annual ‘Blackout’.  Maryland 7-3, 4-2 is coming off a road win over Virginia.  Meanwhile, Florida State 7-3, 5-2 defeated Clemson last week and will play their final ACC contest.  A win for the Terps puts them in a winner takes all situation next week against NC State.  A loss and the Terps are eliminated from ACC Championship contention.  

11:32 – I don’t want the Terps to take a knee.  But it would get the press conference underway sooner.

11:30 – Maryland fans head for the exits.  Terps have 31 seconds.

11:26 – O’Brien incomplete on 3rd down, nearly intercepted.  O’Brien can turn himself into a legend if he converts this 4th down.  And he’s picked off, and it’s returned for a TD.

11:21 – O’Brien with the keeper and picks up 2 yards for the first down.  1st and 10 at the 22, Scott carries for 3 yards.  Maryland calls a timeout.

11:20 – O’Brien complete to Yeatman.  Gain of 6. 4th and 1 with 1:25 on the 24.  Maryland uses their first timeout of the half.

11:19 – O’Brien incomplete.  3rd and 7 on the 30 with 1:41 remaining.

11:18 – Gutsy pass by O’Brien to Cannon.  Even better effort by Cannon to not go down immediately and instead get out of bounds.

11:17 – O’Brien complete to Smith for 7 yards. At the 42 of FSU. 3:05 remaining.

11:16 – 13 yard pass to Cannon for the first down.

11:15 – The Terps comeback starts now.  9 yard run on first down by Scott.  Followed by a 6 yard pick up by Meggett.  Terps at the 43.

11:06 – Another 3rd down.  3rd and 4 from the 11, and Ponder’s pass is out of bounds.  Hopkins to attempt a 28 yard FG.  False start will back FSU up 5 yards.  33 yard FG attempt.

11:03 – Replay looked like it hit the ground, but no go.  Makeup call? Maybe.  3rd down for FSU.  3rd and 4 from the 37, Kenny Tate just tracked down Jones and laid him out.  4th and 4, Punt and it hits Chism and recovered by FSU.  1st and 10 at the Maryland 17.

10:57 – 6 yard pass to Smith on 2nd down sets up crucial 3rd and 5.  O’Brien picked off by Reid.

10:52 – Ponder’s pass complete to Smith, but FSU well short of the 1st down.  51 yard field goal attempt by Hopkins.  No Good.

10:52 – Huge play by Wujciak and Perez to get him in the backfield.

10:51 – Ponder sacked by Hartsfield and Hughes.  Now 2nd and 16 from the 37.

10:49 – Gain of 19 on Ponder’s last pass.  Hughes stood there and watched it sail over his head.  Perez with a solid tackle.  Maryland’s run defense is starting to give up some yards.  Not good.  They had shut down the run for the most part since the 70 yard TD.

10:47 – Gain of 8 on 3rd and 1 extends FSU drive.

10:43 – Baltz punt pins Florida State at their own 16.  Kerr with the stop on first down after a gain of 1.  That’ll be the last play of the third quarter.

10:41 – Gain of 6 on 2nd down, big third down for O’Brien.  Dangerous play as he just flipped it.  Baltz on to punt.

10:39 – Scott with another nice carry, he’s having a great game.  Picked up 9 on first down.  O’Brien completes to Cannon on 2nd down for 15 yards.

10:38 – Smith back to return for the Terps, chased down at the 20.

10:35 – I think Chism was the one who fell down on the TD pass and was beat by Reed.  Noles lead 20-16.

10:33 – Chism with another big play.  He’s had one hell of a game.  Him playing this well, tonight of all nights, totally makes up for his poor play all season.

10:32 – Ponder avoids the pressure again, slides at the 46 for gain of 2.  Terps need to have someone spy him.  Or at least do a better job when they do.

10:31 – Ponder avoids the pressure, and Hughes forces him out after a gain of 6.

10:27 – I’m not a fan of the play calling once the Terps get inside the 30 tonight.  O’Brien on the carry, but only picked up 8.  Baltz connects on the 32 yarder. 16-13.

10:26 – Great that Dorsey caught it, but he couldn’t make much out of it.

10:24 – Maryland using the misdirection again, and it works.  12 yards for Meggett.  Next play, Meggett again this time for 8 yards.

10:22 – After review, he did indeed fumble and Chism recovered.

10:18 – Ponder’s pass complete to Reed.  Chism a little soft on the coverage there.

10:13 – Conservative play calling from Maryland.  But they are going for it on 4th?!? They actually let that happen, on 4th and 18.  That’s a call a guy makes on NCAA Football when he’s down 4 TD’s, not tied and at the beginning of the third quarter.

10:12 – 2nd and 21, this should go well.

10:10 – O’Brien to Yeatman for 10 yards.  Huge play on third down.  30 yards on the Pass from O’Brien to Ronnie Tyler.

10:09 – Dangerous pass on 2nd down, holding penalty to add to the problem.  2nd and 17 now.

10:08 – Scott picks up 3 yards on first down.  Terps started at their own 40.

9:45 – O’Brien’s pass to Cannon incomplete, and that will end the half.

9:43 – Scott picks up 20 yards on first down.  O’Brien hurries everyone to the line, but throws an incomplete pass.  Think the Terps will kneel down here.

9:40 – Ponder’s pass incomplete for Reed.  Hopkins hits the 29 yard FG with 32 seconds left.

9:39 – 3rd and 10 for the Noles.  FSU calls timeout with 39 seconds remaining.

9:38 – Genius play call by FSU.  Fake Punt and Powell with the shovel pass to Harris.  Kenny Tate just lit up Easterling.  That was a vicious hit by Tate.

9:37 – Ponder’s pass incomplete as Smith was ruled out of bounds.  Powell to punt to Logan.

9:35 – Ponder’s pass complete for 3 yards.  Another screen, Thompson picks up 6 yards.  Maryland didn’t bite as hard on that one, but Drakeford made an athletic play to stop Thompson from gaining more.

9:33 – Perfect screen by FSU, pick up 15 yards on the Thompson screen pass.  Maryland bailed out by a false start on the next play.  5 penalties so far for FSU.

9:32 – Ferrara makes the tackle on the kickoff at the 36.

9:28 – O’Brien sacked, loss of 7 by Jones.  3rd and 13 from the 17.  Scott gets tripped up at the line.  32 yard field goal for Baltz. 13-10 Terps lead with 2:27 left in the half.

9:26 – Defensive holding gives Maryland 10 more yards.  Scott looks incredible despite two big hits so far.  Picks up 14 yards on first down.  Little weary of his cut backs as he looks like he cuts right into a defender.  Meggett picks up four yards on first down.  2nd and 6 from the 10.

9:24 – The Legend of Kenny Tate grows as he picks off Ponder and takes off running.  Knocked out of bounds at the 38.

9:22 – Maryland stops FSU again to set up another 3rd down.  Maryland needs a stop here.  Maryland calls timeout.

9:20 – Jones picks up the first down and then some.  Wujciak on the tackle after 8 yards.

9:18 – Noles pick up 2 on first down.  Burt Reed is an issue.  He’s terrorizing our secondary.  Picked up 7 on that play but could have easily not caught the ball or made people miss.

9:15 – Decent punt for Baltz as it rolls out at the 19.

9:13 – Safe pass from O’Brien as he found McCree for 6 yards.  Worked his way across the field and found the corner playing off McCree.

9:12 – Misdirection on first down as Meggett picks up 16 on an off-tackle run to the right.  Terps up to the 36.

9:07 – Ponder’s pass incomplete.  Brings up 3rd and 11, Ponder is pressured by Moten and sacked by Ross.  Hopkins in to attempt another 36 yard attempt.  No Good.  Terps take over.

9:06 – Reed is burning McDougle.

9:05 – Ponder’s pass complete to Thompson.  Doesn’t look like Terps are getting much of a pass rush.

9:04 – Ponder with the carry and he picks up 11.  Darin Drakeford just whiffed big time on that tackle.

9:03 – FSU takes over at their own 40.  Pass complete to Reed, gain of 17 on first down.

8:59 – O’Briens pass complete to Yeatman for a 7-yd TD.  10-10.

8:56 – Loss of 5 yards after a terrible snap.  Adams picks up 3 yards.  3rd and goal from the 7.  Maryland player is down, but have no idea who.

8:51 – Swing pass to Scott and he picks up 9 yards.  Took another big hit there.  Adams in for 3rd and 1, and it doesn’t look like he got.  Maryland going for it on 4th down.  O’Brien with a nice ‘I can’t hear the play call’ and walks off as the snap goes direct to Adams, he picks up 2 and the first down.  First and goal coming at the start of the 2nd quarter.

8:49 – 33 yard pick up by Torrey Smith on the screen.  Can’t help but imagine that last year that’s a 49-yard TD.

8:48 – Da’Rel Scott back from the dead, and he scampers for 15 yards and broke a few tackles.  Jamarr Robinson in at QB.  Pitch to Tyler and he gets no gian.

8:47 – After a good opening drive, the Terps are having serious trouble on offense.  Illegal Substitution call on Maryland.

8:44 – Da’Rel Scott was just destroyed on third down.  That was as bad, if not worse, than the DeSean Jackson hit against the Falcons.  Flag on the play, but FSU intercepted the tipped ball for a touchdown.  Points taken off the board thanks to the personal foul penalty.

8:42 – Touchback on the kickoff.  Not a fan of that play on first down.  It picked up 5, so it works, but it didn’t catch FSU off-guard.  Yeatman drops a pass on 2nd down.  He needed that.

8:38 – Kenny Tate with a huge hit in the backfield to force 3rd and 14.  Ponder’s pass out of the endzone.  FSU to kick for 3.  36 yard attempt by Hopkins.  It’s good. 10-3.  Mini-win for the Terps.

8:36 – Questionable call on 3rd and 8.  Late hit out of bounds on Ponder.  I disagree, but it was very, very close.

8:33 – Danny O’Brien fumbles on the pitch to Meggett.  I get that Maryland wants to keep FSU off-balance, but that was not a good idea.  FSU recovers and gets to the Maryland 29.

8:32 – Meggett with a 15 yard run on first down. Offensive line opened up a huge hole there.  9-yard screen to Torrey Smith.  Worked better that time.

8:31 – Florida State responded immediately with a 70-yard TD run by Thompson.  7-3 Noles.  FSU kicks off, Torrey Smith returns the ball 18 yards to the 24 yard line.

8:25 – 3-0 Terps after a 31-yard FG by Travis Baltz.

8:20 – Huge 3rd down completion to Furstenburg.  Pickup of 19.  Maybe it wasn’t Furstenburg.  Maybe it was Yeatman.  No one can read the numbers on the back of the jerseys, and with no names, this should be an awful evening for the Press Box PA.

8:19 – O’Brien complete to Tyler for a gain of 19.  O’Brien looks sharp in the pocket early, not fazed at all.

8:17 – Terps open the game with a 9 yard run off tackle to the left by Scott.  Good to see him pick up a big chunk of yardage.  O’Brien complete to Cannon on second down, pick up of 13.

8:15 – Ponder’s 3rd down pass is incomplete, Tony Logan back to return.  FSU not kicking to him.  Maryland will start at their own 25.

8:13 – Ponder to Weatherford for 16 yards right over the outstretched hands of Wujciak.  Ponder’s pass complete to Reid, Chism with the tackle for a loss of 3.  Good to see his tackling has returned.

8:12 – Reed returns the opening kick to the 25, fumbles and Florida State recovers.

8:10 – Maryland wins the toss and will defer.

8:03 – Key to the Game:  Turnovers – Maryland will need to generate turnovers.  I think the Terps will get a Defensive TD today, and they’ll need it.  Maryland has scored 80 points off opposing teams turnovers while they have only allowed 7 off their own.

8:02 – Stadium starting to fill up with about 10 minutes to kick off.

7:48 – Was just handed a Christian Ponder flyer for all the awards he is up for with the heading ‘Points to Ponder’.  Pretty lazy on Florida State’s part.

7:43 – With a half hour to kickoff the student section seems to be here in full force.  5 of the 7 sections are full.  The rest of the stadium…. eh, not so much.

  1. Zohan says:

    Offense looks sharp but we got lucky through the first drive. Keep it up BA

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