gettyimages 94362683 Mixed Martial Barts   11/19/10

This week’s episode of ‘Mixed Martial Barts’ features former UFC Light Heavyweight fighter Forrest Griffin! We talked about his upcoming fight against Rich Franklin, how to defeat Rampage Jackson and why me and him will never be friends…Check it out!

  1. Ken says:

    Well you got what you wanted bud, wanted controversy and to stir up negative emotions…..lame cheap ass journalism imo, you’re a dick you should of backed off a bit instead of going all out with the post fight questions fucknut.

  2. anon says:

    Forrest is right. This Othello guy is a lowlife troll.

    Congratulations: you got the attention for a second of someone better than you, only to reveal what a total idiot you are.

  3. Thor Delph says:

    Forrest is a douchebag. He shoulda been fired long ago. He will forever be a gatekeeper.

  4. Brenner says:

    I think your interveiw was awesome right up to your last question. Your last question was a cheap shot and anyone who follows mma as closely as you would know the reaction Forrest would have. I dont understand why people even ask him that question. To me it is obvious. Fighting is serious and we tend to forget that with a guy like Forrest because he is funny. He took a fight a lot of people said he was nuts for taking especially after a knock out loss where he lost his world title. A title many people felt he didn’t deserve to win in the first place. To go and get absolutely destroyed mentally and physically in front of millions of people and if that wasn’t bad enough, he is obligated to make everyone else feel better about his loss, by saying something funny in a post fight interview. I feel the need to tell everyone out there that won’t let this question disappear to GO F**K YOURSELF and let the man keep what dignity he has.

  5. cahill says:

    why do think he didn’t stick around for a post fight interview. i mean the rest of the world can figure it out.

  6. Nelson says:

    Way to burn bridges with complete hack questions.

  7. Laura says:

    I agree with Brenner, your last question was a cheap shot. I don’t blame Griffin for hanging up on you. That was a jerk move on your part.

  8. Benicio says:

    You were doing great right up to that last question. He was already getting testy on the previous question, so why push it?

  9. Brad says:

    Othello is a scumbag troll. Good on Forrest.

  10. donne says:

    I’m with forrest on this one. The last question didn’t need asking.

  11. Lono says:

    Forrest should have broken your leg

  12. Pete says:

    Ken, you are completely ignorant of broadcast journalism and how to interview someone while on a radio show. Forrest is a notoriously difficult interview at times, exemplified by his consistent brevity with every question Bart asked. You clearly have no experience in such areas, are jealous of Bart and are a Forrest fanboy. Nobody who spends their free time following MMA and listening to the few quality MMA shows/podcasts that are out there, other than you and anon want bland, run-of-the-mill questions with cookie cutter answers. Considering how quick Forrest’s responses were, Bart was extremely well prepared, ready with numerous follow ups and kept the interview going pretty smoothly. You are pathetic and have no life. Go back to leaving negative comments on youtube, scumbag.

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