Hopeful Redskins Pro Combat Nike Uniform

pro comabt skins uni 11 Hopeful Redskins Pro Combat Nike Uniform


pro comabt skins uni 4 Hopeful Redskins Pro Combat Nike Uniform

Hopeful new looks for the Redskins.

  • PJ


  • Jimmy

    This uniform is hot.I hope they change to this

  • Jeff

    I love them, they’d make a great 3rd uni for the ‘Skins!!

  • louis

    remove the feather and its showtime. but they gotta earn this look… what year do you think that will be???

  • Diane

    Reminds me of Arena Football League. Though, helmets are awesome.

  • David

    I understand the transition to Nike is coming in the future however I think that with the change of the regime they should have done an overhaul of the teams look before this season started anyways. We as fans need to be refreshed. The same product is old. Just gold pants isnt cutting it!

  • Aaron

    Pretty nice, although I agree with Lavar on the feather. I’d rather nike keep our yellow face mask!

  • James Cornwell

    Lavar is right the feather on the pants is no good. Everything else looks great!

  • Stalyen45

    I love this uniform!!

  • James Cornwell

    Man! I like the white ones too

  • Ray Smith


  • what

    Another marketing ploy by Dan fking snyder,please update the fking team first!

  • Rob Low

    it sucks

  • Lisa McDevitt

    I like the idea but I don’t like the feather on the pant. I also think the white uniform is too bland. They need to spice that up more. It looks like a high school uniform. When I first heard this on the show I was adamantly opposed taking away my 43 years of seeing burgundy & gold but I like the idea. I would just add a whole lot more to the white and a little more of my beloved burgundy & gold to the black.

    • Corey


  • http://culturalawakening.wordpress.com Stan Rodda

    They definitely need to switch to these. They are B.A. And for reference, I’m sick of the discussion about the Redskins name. If the Redskins have to change their mascot because of PC, then the Cowboys have to change their mascot because the cowboys are hugely responsible for killing the “Redskins.” And that kind of murder shouldn’t be glorified. When will PETA get involved with the likes of the Panthers, Dolphins, Broncos & Colts for their abuse and imprisonment of once wild animals? Pretty soon, every thing will be offensive and no one will be able to talk. Keep the mascot, get the cool unis, and move on with life.

  • DH

    Straight HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!! HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    New GM, new coach, new QB, why not a complete fresh start with new uni’s also? Although if they win, the can play in flip-flops and tank tops for all I care.

  • http://culturalawakening.wordpress.com Stan Rodda

    Somebody told me that Nike created these uniforms, but the NFL uses Reebok. Will that be an issue? Not sure the details on that.

    • redskinman

      the uniforms(contract) are up for renew in 2011, nike made these so they can get the contract from reebok..

  • Tim


  • Corey

    I like the idea and the feather but not the dominating black and overpowering white. Get the team on track first. Go get Eric DeCosta from Baltimore to take care of player/personel.

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  • jason

    dis shxt tuff as a bitch

  • Barrett

    The feather, color and scheme all are awsome, for those who don’t like it are as about as creative as a brick! Stop with more of the same. For god sakes we are a laughing stock. Same plan same shitty results. Remember when tampa bay changed their unforms. They only won the Super Bowl. A new face can be a brand new strart and just the push we need to realize how great we can be.

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    Hopeful Redskins Pro Combat Nike Uniform « CBS DC

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