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  1. mark says:

    wow,you got this 59 yr.old man in tears- thank you for speaking for me-its about time someone stood-up to the filthy rich danny boy . thank you dont let up

  2. Lisa Alford says:

    As a native Washingtonian and lifelong Redskins fan, I love your passion and feel your pain. We have been betrayed by Mr. Snyder who could write the manual on how to destroy a successful NFL team and its proud legacy. Where to go from here: all of the money now should go toward competent talent scouts to find those “diamond-in-the-rough” players from small schools since Snyer/Cerrato stupidly and carelessly traded away all of our draft picks. In addition, he owes this fan base a new stadium at the old RFK site, where it belongs, and major discounts on merchandise and tickets for these losers.
    For years, I lived in NY and was openly laughed at repeatedly while I continued to loyally support this franchise. For all of us, we deserve so much better and reparations are indeed due!

  3. Travis Alex says:

    being a skins fan is like being head over heels in love with a girl that cheats on you. You love her so much but every weekend she breaks your heart, you know people are talking about it it emberasses the hell out of you but you just love her too much to leave, last night was the worst though last night she gave us vd. god bless you chad dukes

  4. Stewart says:

    I actually reached this point two years ago when I made the decision to give up my season tickets after 12 years. People told me that I wasn’t a real fan and that I was abandoning the team. I hope they had LOADS of fun at the stadium last night. I think the worst part of it is that I grew up a Skins fan and have just become numb to it all. During that whole first quarter, I was like, “Par for the course.”

  5. REM says:

    Chad. My Hero. FINALLY, someone who put out on the air exactly what I was thinking. Beautiful! They quit. You could tell by the tackling, and Hainsworth doing the “worm” An absolute joke on national TV…….He should be cut immediately. It really bothers me seeing the London Fletchers/Mike Sellers/Chris Cooleys of the team have to line up next to the “Hainsworhts”……..and get paid on a magnitude less money. Snyder needs to jack DOWN the prices of a Hot Dog at Fed Ex from $10 to something real, cut the price of the ridiculous team Jersey, until this team decides to show up and not embarrass those of us who have to face off with the… Chat so perfectly put it…….douche bag Cowboy fans.
    I am also a 40 years Redskin fan that grew up in NoVa. being mediocre is bad enough, but a joke on late night talk shows……NO!!!! If I see that picture of fat Albert taking a nap while pretending to rush the passer I’m going to puke!

  6. rs says:

    Thanks Duke for speaking up….this midget boy danny is jinxed. I believe he’s getting what he deserves, what’s he’s done in his past, is coming to haunt him. Look at all the records that have been placed against us, look at those players/coaches who have left our team, all winners now!! Thanks Duke, coming from California.

  7. Michael Vick says:

    Yeah… Sorry about that.

  8. Mauth Grisby says:

    Chad and LaVar you both are beyond classy guys. I’ve met you both twice and you both went out of your way to be classy. Chad I feel your pain and I appreciate your passion. I went from saying “get em” to damn near tearing up when you spoke of your Pop and Grandpa. I like you am not that close with my Pop and some of that is on me. But at the age of eight while living in Cincinnati just weeks before moving to Va I asked my Pop “who is your favorite team?” A fathers influence is so crunch and if my Pop was a bama cowboy fan then I would be a bama cowboy fan. So to hear your passion I can relate and can appreciate. Chad I get down with you super tough on your passion. At the sametime as I look at the contrast of where we were a year ago as a organization, I understand that it is going to take time and we will have to go through some tough times. I like Allen and Shanahan working together better then Vineyard and Snyder. I like the McNabb contract, the days of over paying for jersey selling grey hair studs are over. With Allen getting contracts that are not over the top and Shanahan providing discipline it dictates the theme to be “have some act right in your life or get out”. With Shanahan, Allen and scouts being on one accord success is in the future. Trust. These guys give us hope. Snyder unlike Jerry Jones understood that he wasn’t the smartest guy in the room. Snyder got his hand out of the gumbo pot and is finally content with being the wealthiest guy in the room. I am going to give Allen and Shanahan time to go get the prime ingredients for that pot of gumbo. At least now when the Redskins go to the store we take time to cut out coupons and do cross comparison. Before we went to the store got the most expensive product regardless if the spices we were getting for the gumbo might leave us broke for years to come and with a tummy ache. I believe regardless of last night the mission of this organization is to be competive in the nfc east which will make us ready to be a competive playoff team. We just have to draft and develop talent to catar to our schemes. Stay classy LaVar and Chad.

  9. Mauth Grisby says:

    Despite my mistake in my last email you have to know that my Pop and me are not bama cowboy fans we are proud Redskins fans. Stay classy.

  10. (Ms) Mel Starr says:

    Good on you Chad Dukes!!!! This afternoon you gave voice to legions of Skins fans! As a lifelong Skins fan, your unvarnished and spot-on assessment of our once proud team amplifies the embarrassment/frustration/humiliation we all feel and have felt since megalomaniac and micro-manager Danny-boy Snyder began dismantling the Redskins ten-plus years ago. His tenure here is the quintessential lesson of insanity. Do the same thing every year, then expect different results… The Redskins will NEVER be the mighty team we once held in such high esteem until someone wrests control from Snyder and, let’s face it…he won’t go quietly. No… Skins management will continue their “anything to pad Danny’s pockets” policies at the expense of the team and its fans, until those of us who remember the glory days are gone, and our progeny are rooting for a winning team elsewhere. PLEASE continue to use your show as a bully pulpit. Encourage, cajole…do whatever it takes to encourage loyal fans to boycott this little Napoleon and his minions. Hit him where it hurts…his bankbook! I’m sick and tired of defending my team. It’s time to take action and you’ve started the ball rolling. KEEP IT UP!!!!

  11. Michael Barrett says:

    Born in Arlington, have lived my whole 25 years in Northern Virginia watching my Redskins the whole time. Chad this has to be the best thing I have ever heard. My boss at work is from Philly and I have to listen to how great Vick is everyday. Thank you Chad for standing up for us the fans.

  12. Blade says:

    Thought you might find it interesting that the “sponsored link” that appeared while I was listening to your rant was for a free Mike Vick Jersey…I have the screencap if you want it.

    As for your rant…Nicely said – and it’s nothing every Viking fan hasn’t wanted to say about our team at the end of every let down season. 40 years worth, least you’ve won a Superbowl.

  13. ricky says:

    great speech chad, if the redskins listen to that speech, they should make the playoffs. hopefully dan synder listen to the speech to. keep up the good work chad and lavar

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