Chad Dukes Rant On the Redskins 59-28 Loss

redskins dl Chad Dukes Rant On the Redskins 59 28 Loss

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Chad goes off on the Redskins during the show. He wants money and an apology from the Redskins for the disaster that was the game against the Eagles and for being a Redskins fan.

Listen and then give your reaction.

  • Betrayed

    I can listen to this 100 times over. You’re the man Chad!

    • effin pissed

      I feel the same way Chad! I would have probably destroyed some stuff in my apartment if I didn’t have friends over to watch the game. I spent money on food from Buffalo wild wings, chips and soda, and I want to send the redskins a effin bill for all of it. I had a Santana Jersey that I took off after 21-0 and it will NEVER be put back on. I have bled B&G for 38 years, I’m 41. All I could say on FB when people posted things about the game was, “What can I say, you’re absolutely right”. It’s disgustingly embarrassing!!!!! I wanna say F the skins, but I will never jump ship. I will continue to die a horrible football death yaer after effin year!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Needed

      I will be quoting this for the entire year. HILARIOUS QUOTES SAID LOL “I WANT REPARATIONS!!!!”

    • rb

      At 46 years old, I have lived in this area since I was born. I have watched and rooted for this team since 1969. Dan Snyder, take the team public so we can all buy stock like the Packers and get the heck out of town.

    • Delpino

      And now you CAN listen to it over and over!

  • Frito Frank

    This is real which is why CHad is my favorite radio host, no slight to any other person. This includes Stern this guy Chad is real I love everything he does, thank you for speaking for ALL OF US!

  • 3-4 D sucks

    awesome rant. go get them



  • Tommy

    This is why I ‘left’ the Skins years ago. Not a good product, stadiums awful, owners the worst.


      back in 96 when JKC stadium opened .. this stadium was STATE OF THE ART .. Fedex Field is one of the best stadiums in the COUNTRY .. dont bag on the stadium .. as for the owner .. hes not the worst owner out there .. the guy shells out millions and millions of his own money to try and get the best players possible .. granted, he overpays .. but give the guy a break .. he spares no expense to try and bring a winner here

      • Jerry Jones

        Really, FedFex is “one of the best stadiums in the COUNTRY” ? Are you crazy, it is a horrible stadium that was put together on the cheap. The concrete is cracking. Parking is horrendous. Traffic is worse. Just look at Jerryworld – now that’s a stadium. I know Danny-Boy is jealous. Never will a superbowl be contended at FedFex – took me two years to get one in Big D. My horofic 2-7 ‘boys are still better than the 59 points defense that is the Indigenous Persons

      • Greg

        He’s spending our money you idiot, not his. Either he could care less about winning or he is the biggest idiot on the planet. He has no idea how to run this franchise. The skins will never succeed until he is gone.

  • Disgraceful

    This damn team owes all the fans an apology. That’s two straight years a division opponent has EMBARRASSED us on Monday Night Football.


      this team does not owe anyone an apology .. im a die hard fan just like anyone else in this area .. but this is alittle over the top .. everyone in the country is saying that we are done .. come on guys .. 3 weeks ago .. everyone was saying that the redskins were going to be a contender .. a win is a win .. a loss is a loss .. the team is still 2-1 in the division which is .. 2 MORE WINS THEN LAST YEAR IN THE DIVISION .. and 1 game behind the wild card .. stop crying about the last game .. there are 9 games left

      • Blak

        Who the hell was saying we were a contender??!! Been and will be a Skins fan all my life, but even I was not that naive to think we were a contender. With who McNabb?! No, we have serious problems in our coverage D. We have a average D-line and line-backing core. (which sucks because we have some bright spots there) our O-Line has been below poor for 10 years now. (as a unit) and our quarterback is in the twilight of his years, has no real threat to throw to. I don’t know if they owe us an apology but why should we invest our all if they aren’t going to give it their all.

      • T-Wiggy

        Youre an idiot. The Skis sucked and there is no excuse.

  • Dallasfan

    Unbelieveable… and SPOT ON! BRAVO Dukes! This Dallas fan salutes you. Much much respect for you speaking the truth!

    • Set it Straight

      Dallas Fan – you should do the same with your owner. His teams have won one playoff game in 12 years, and no super bowls for 16 years! Get rid of your maniac and the Skins will get rid of ours! Deal!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, this has needed to be said for a long time. I feel used by an organization that I have shed tears over (Superbowl XVIII) that has never been interested in anything beyond what flows from my wallet. We accept the abuse because we’re all in love with what existed 20+ years ago.

  • brent

    no homo but I had to hold back a few tears while listening to Chad.

  • mikeNvabeach

    That was great Chad. Thanks, really. I feel you man.


    Dukes is awesome! Great rant! I am with you 100%

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  • Jimmy Milstead (MilyVanilly)

    Amen Chad Dukes…….I feel better!

  • Al


    • Lori Moyer

      Dog Killer !!!!

  • Jimmy Milstead (MilyVanilly)

    I have listened to this 3 times already……Chad Dukes is simply the best!

  • Michael Corey

    Chad; I do not agree with all the time but today you put it on the line , and when I heard what you said today about the Skins you said what all true Fans wanted to say and I have been a Skins fan since 1970 40 years and will always be one but Last night was as low as I have been I have never been so down I want to say THANK YOU for what you said and we just have to keep the faith!

  • Keith

    Amen Dukes. Heard this live and man it felt good. I sincerely hope they hear it.
    They deserve the words you speak.. Ive been a fan of this team for 30 years, the ONLY team I support. My son has sat by me, and this was the first game he actually wanted to sit and watch and they pull this crap.. What a disheartening event

  • Tracy

    Chad you were spot on today.

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  • sayaintjimmy

    There were so many times I thought Chad was going to use an explicit. Chad said what so many were thinking, Chad was the voice of all the redskins fans. Way to go Chad.

    • Random NFL Fan

      Seriously – props for not having to bleep every other word…

  • Derrick

    You speak for so many fans today. Now you know the source of my rage the other day when i called on the topic whether Donovan should take Bradshaws advice, and Lavar (LOL) said Derrick “he’s coming to get you”. I wish coach shananigan would come my way, i’d send him back to denver.

  • J Garland

    That is the hole truth no need to hold it back if everyone knows

  • Mike

    Chad spoke for all of us!!

    • greg


  • hurt hurting

    chad is a great radio personality and the show barley taps into his potential but wow great stuff chad

  • Mike

    AMEN! Well said! I’ve bled burgundy and gold my entire life, and not even the lowlights of Spurrier or Norv Turners era felt as bad as yesterday! Someone ressurect Jack Kent Cooke from the grave, please!

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