55331993 Maryland vs. Virginia   Live Blog

Maryland defeats Virginia 42-23 on the road, and put themselves in a position to possibly win the ACC Atlantic Division.  Maryland has games against Florida State and NC State remaining, both at home, and if they win both they’ll play Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship.

6:54 – Huge win for Maryland to move to 7-3.  Danny O’Brien your player of the game.  Another great game by the Freshman.

6:51 – Maryland running out the clock now.  Maryland, with the win, are in position to win the ACC Atlantic.  They have Florida State and NC State left and both games are at home.

6:49 – Terps stop UVA on 4th down and not even close enough to measure.  Maryland then goes and gets a holding call on first down.

6:45 – And the rout is on as O’Brien finds Torrey Smith for a 12 yd TD pass.

6:42 – Scott with another rush, and Virginia with their 16th penalty.

6:41 – Maryland just running out the clock right now.  This is a welcomed sight.  Start of the 4th quarter I wasn’t sure if the Terrapins would be in this position.

6:37 – Damn, Torrey just dropped a TD.  I guess we’ll see Baltz from 53.  Or… Espn3 just went out.  But it comes back on to show Adrian Moten picking off Verica, so that’s good.

6:32 – We’ve seen ‘Good Verica’ all night.  ‘Evil Verica’ strikes as Eric Franklin gets his first career INT.

6:28 – Great adjustments at the line by O’Brien and the Terps and an even better pump fake on the bubble screen, and O’Brien hits Scott on the slant for the TD.

6:26 – Adams down to the 3.  Will he get a 4th TD?  O’Brien keeps and down to the 2.

6:24 – Terps starting to wear down the Virginia defense on the ground.  Then two passes to Smith and the Terps are down to the 5.

6:19 – Oh, Kenny.  Tate drops a pick six.  Moten sacks Verica at the 5 for the Terps first sack of the day.  Great timing to get the sack on third and long.  Punting out of the end and Maryland will take over in UVA territory.

6:15 – Two rushes from D.J. Adams and the Terps take the 28-23 lead.  Adams has his 3rd rushing TD of the game.  First time a Maryland RB has had 3 TD’s since Lance Ball in 2002 ( via @D1scourse ).

6:09 – I said this at 4:47 – No one makes more spectacular catches, but drops the easy ones than LaQuan Williams.  He proves the former with that catch after the ball was tipped.  Then a bubble screen to Torrey and gets them down inside the 10.

6:08 – False Start as Dill jumps.

6:07 – I like the call to go deep on first down, had him.  Should have been caught.

6:05 – Another penalty on UVA.  Maryland starts at their own 44.

6:01 – Terps catch a break as Phillips drops the 3rd down pass.  Randolph connects from 37 to make it 23-21 in favor of UVA.

5:59 – UVA looks ready to take the lead back after being down as big as 21-10.  Verica just marching the Hoos down the field and carving up the Maryland D.  I thought he was due an INT, could have been comeback.  Oops.

5:54 – Verica nearly got sacked on play action, but turns into a first down thanks to Burd.

5:51 – Another crucial 3rd down, and the Terps fail to convert.

5:48 – Looks like Maryland may not have completed that third down.  Play is under review.

5:44 – Terps come up with a big stop on 3rd and 10 as Wujciak knocked down the ball.

5:43 – Maryland’s rushing D has looked a lot better so far on this first drive.

5:39 – Virginia starts the second half with more of the same from the last half, a penalty.

5:16 – Verica underthrows Inman and it looked like their was pass interference.  Double whammy as UVA gets called for a hold.

5:14 – UVA converts on 4th down and will have 13 seconds to score.

5:13 – Verica’s 3rd down pass tipped by Gloster at the line.  UVA going for it on 4th down.

5:12 – Maryland forces UVA to use their last timeout.  22 seconds left.

5:10 – Vellano got in Verica’s face enough to force the incomplete pass.  Maryland gives up the third down play to Inman.  UVA still with 38 seconds.

5:06 – Maryland looks like they won’t even get to run the clock out, and will punt the ball back to UVA with decent field position and a timeout with about a minute.

5:02 – Virginia down to the 1 yard line with a spectacular catch from Burd.

4:56 – The first mistake on third down was throwing.  The second was throwing to Furstenburg.

4:55 – Adams gets down to the 1 on first down.  2nd down he’s stuffed at the line of scrimmage.

4:53 – DJ Adams picks up the first down and then some on 4th and 1.

4:49 – Scott and Adams are having problem in the red zone staying on their feet.  UVA had a similar problem on this side of the field.

4:48 – O’Brien goes deep again and finds Quinton McCree for 55 yards.  Perfect ball from O’Brien.  He is on fire today.

4:47 – I’ve never seen anyone make as many spectacular catches, but drop easy ones as LaQuan Williams.

4:45 – Maryland forces UVA to punt.  Terps need to thank the refs for that.

4:42 – Overturning that pass is a mistake. He was clearly down and then the ball came out.  Unlucky break for UVA.

4:39 – Verica’s third down pass knocked down at the line of scrimmage.  Waiting to see the penalties.  Defensive Holding on Maryland, first down UVA.

4:36 – Cam Chism has gone to the Mike Jenkins school of Tackling.

4:31 – 62 yard gain by Smith.  Terps get an illegal substitution.  1st and goal from the 12 and O’Brien on the keep for the TD.

4:29 – 2nd down has been a nightmare for the Terps today.  3rd and 4 and Torrey Smith comes up huge on 3rd down.

4:27 – Second effort helps Adams pick up the first down.

4:23 – Burd hit by two Maryland defenders and he drops the third down pass.  UVA to punt.  A scare for Terps, but Maryland ends up with the ball.

4:22 – UVA with back-to-back false starts.  Penalties starting to add up for UVA, 6 for 46 yards.

4:19 – Moses now down for UVA.

4:18 – Terps over-pursue on the third down run, and Horne picks up the first down, and then some.

4:16 – Keith Payne down and writing in pain.  I hate the pun.  I’m sorry.  He’s being assisted off the field.

4:15 – Maryland having issues on defense stopping UVA.  Seems like UVA is picking up 5 yards on every play.

4:09 – Terps forced to punt by local product Cam Johnson out of Gonzaga (DC).

4:08 – Terps are continuing to throw and pick up another Pass Interference, wait, holding call.  Terps first down either way.

4:03 – Terps get lucky as Inman drops the first down pass.  However, on the field goal, UVA fakes and run it in for the TD. 10-7 Hoos.

4:02 – Maryland having issues tackling Payne.  Luckily, he slipped on second down.

4:01 – UVA does a reverse on the kickoff return and it pays off big time, they take over at the Maryland 35.

4:00 – That Tyler catch was take off the board thanks to a roughing the passer call, D.J. Adams scores on a 6-yard TD run.  7-3 Terps

3:56 – Great call on 3rd and 9, O’Brien finds a wide open Ronnie Tyler open in the flat and he picks up the first down.

3:54 – O’Brien recognizes the blitz is coming and goes deep for Smith and connects down the sideline.  Pickup of 35.

3:52 – Bubble screen to Torrey Smith and he breaks a tackle and gets four yards.  The better news for Terps fans is that Ras-I Dowling was injured on the play.  Tough break for Dowling, he’s been hurt all year.  He’s a phenomenal cover corner.

3:50 – I do like seeing the Terps air it out on first down.  Cannon beat Minnefield and he drew the Pass Interference.

3:49 – UVA calls their 2nd timeout and we are only 5:19 into the game.

3:45 – Weird call on 3rd down by London. Toss to the left on 3rd and 10. Quite conservative.  Terps escape by only giving up 3.  3-0 UVA.

3:40 – Virginia starting to move the ball on the Terps defense.  Jones catches the swing pass and Terps help out the Hoos even more with the late hit out of bounds.

3:37 – Maryland gets 9 yards on first down, then loses a yard total on the next two plays to go 3-and-out.

3:35 – Virginia wins the toss and defers.


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