557104691 Maryland vs. Wake Forest   Live Blog

Homecoming in College Park as the Terps face off against the Demon Deacons.  Wake Forest coming off a brutal loss at the hands of Virginia Tech.  The Terps got their first road win in 2 years after beating Boston College.  Maryland defeats Wake 62-14.

6:49 – Ralph runs out the final 2 minutes as the Terps win to become Bowl Eligible.

6:42 – Oh thank God, Wake is running the ball.  That honeymoon didn’t last.  Grobe throws on 2nd down.

6:38 – Terps running the ball.  Something Wake Forest needs to do when they get the ball back.  They’ll have about 3 minutes on the clock when they get the ball back after this Maryland Punt.  I think this is Baltz third punt.  What a cushy job.

6:24 – 4th down conversion by Maryland extending the drive and running out the clock.  Ralph has a halloween party to get to.

6:20 – Wake Forest added an 8-yard TD pass from Price to Davis to make it 55-14.  Maryland just running the clock out at this point.

6:06 – Wake Forest determined to pass the ball.  Incomplete on first and second down, complete on third down.  Just run the clock.  Well, an Antwine Perez sack runs the clock.

6:02 – Maryland running the clock out and Meggett with a 14 yard TD to make 55-7.

5:55 – Wake Forest continues to kick away from Tony Logan.  Terps will start at their own 42.

5:48 – Wake with a QB change.  Skylar Jones in now.  Completes his first pass for 2 yards.  Jones pass picked off by Ryan Donahue for a 25-yard TD score.  48-7

5:43 – Just as Maryland’s luck would have it, O’Brien escapes the rush and throws a ball up in the middle of the field and somehow Torrey Smith comes back for it.  Next play Maryland gets a 24 yard TD from O’Brien to LaQuan Williams.  Makes it 41-7 Terps.

5:40 – Wake kicks it out of bounds at the 39 yard line.  Completely avoiding Tony Logan, and who could blame them?

5:38 – Wake trying to get something going offensively, but Harris has been shut down.  4th and 1, Wake looks like they’ll punt.

5:30 – Maryland held to a three and out on their first drive of the second half. No worry though, Kenny Tate to the rescue.  Pick 6 makes it 34-7.

5:06 – Logan with a 12 yard return on the punt.  Terps have 25 seconds.  Will the go for points? Nope, just kneeling.

5:02 – Travis Baltz good from 33 yards out makes it 27-7 right before the half.

4:51 – Meggett picks up 11 on first down run.  2nd and 10, Cannon on the screen picks up 9.  Adams in for 3rd down and picks it up as he just got enough on 3rd and short.  Robinson in to throw and he completes the pass to Brown for 8 yards.  Pass complete to Furstenburg and Frye just destroyed him.  9 yard pick up.  Meggett picks up the first down with 2 yards.

4:49 – Price’s pass is incomplete and that’s another 3 and out for Maryland.  Will Maryland get their 3rd block of the game?  Running in to the kicker penalty declined so Wake won’t kick to Logan again.

4:42 – Torrey Smith on a WR Screen for 5 yards.  2nd down, lot of east-west running from Scott results in a holding call.  2nd and 16, Meggett on a bad triple option play picks up 5.  O’Brien behind Cannon and lucky not to be picked off.  Wake will start at their 30.

4:38 – Terps hold Wake to another 3 and out.  Media Timeout.

4:35 – Terps block another punt, this time Kevin Dorsey.  2 plays later Terps score on another DOB pass this time to Haroon Brown.  24-7 Terps.

4:22 – Terps offense looking like they were taking the foot off the gas before a 14 yard pass to Dorsey.  19 yard gain by Scott on the carry.  Broke a few tackles there.  Tough seeing him come out for the next play.  He looked like he was in a rhythm.  Waiting for flags but looks like a 28 yard TD pass to McCree.  17-7

4:10 – Wake Forest has looked pathetic on offense so far.  Just like that, Cam Chism went for the pick and got beat deep for a 25 yards.  Terps defense starting to collapse on this drive.  19 yard pass down to the 32.  2nd and 4, Harris catches a swing pass and takes it 11 yards down to the 15.  Pass complete to Dembry for 9 yards.  2nd and 1 from the 6, Harris walks in untouched for the Wake TD.  10-7.

4:06 – 1st and 15 from the 18 after a false start.  Meggett with the carry, gain of 1.  2nd and 14, Touchdown Terrapins.  17-yard TD pass from O’Brien to Torrey Smith.  10-0 Terps.

3:56 – Kick-Catch interference 15 yard penalty.  Terps will take over at their 42.

3:46 – Terps convert on 3rd and 4 as O’Brien finds Torrey Smith for 5 yards.  O’Briens pass complete to Adrian Cannon for 5 yards.  2nd and goal, Scott hit at the line for a loss of one.  3rd and goal, Incomplete pass to Torrey Smith.  22 yard field goal for Travis Baltz.  3-0 Terps.

3:45 – Terps convert on 3rd and 8 as Da’Rel Scott catches a swing pass for 9 yards.

3:43 – After a false start, the Terps come out with some trickeration as Jamarr Robinson pitches to Tony Logan.  Logan throws it to Torrey Smith in the end zone.  Fans want a flag, but Terps settle for 3rd and 8.

3:41 – Punt partially blocked by LaQuan Williams.  Terps take over at the Wake Forest 32.  Scott picks up 7 yards on first down.

3:40 – Incomplete Pass on first down as the receiver just tripped.  Wujciak in solid coverage.  2nd and 10 and AJ Francis blows up the middle for a sack.  3rd and 18, Price’s pass nearly picked off by Moten.

3:35 – Terps defer and kickoff.  An injured Wake Forest player down for about 5 minutes.

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