55710469 Maryland vs. Duke   Live Blog

Tonight, Maryland (3-1) faces off against Duke (1-3, 0-1) at 6 pm.  Maryland still hasn’t announced who will be starting at Quarterback yet and we are half an hour from kick-off.  Maryland are 9 point favorites, but I expect Maryland to come out and dominate – 35-21. 

9:09 – Pass broken up by Perez.  That’s going to be the game.

9:06 – 2nd and 10 from the 33, Delay of Game on Duke.  2nd and 15, wheewwwww.  Varner just dropped a 25 yard pass.  He’s been Mr. Reliable all day and to drop it right there, ouch.  3rd and 15, Renfree’s pass is incomplete in the end zone.  4th and 15, duke takes a timeout.  This is pretty much the game right here.

9:05 – Tate with pressure on first down, incomplete.  2nd down, complete to Braxton for 11 yards.  1st and 10 from the Terps 33, Renfree throws it away.

9:02 – Renfree’s pass broken up by Hartsfield on first down.  2nd down, Renfree avoids the sack and completes a ball to Braxton.  Moten on the tackle.  Duke at their own 43.  1st down.  Renfree throws behind Hollingsworth.  Renfree’s pass incomplete, Moten there to pick it off after it was tipped by Vellano.  Renfree avoids the pressure, complete to Vernon for 7 yards.  4th and 3, Renfree’s pass complete to Kelly for 5 yards.

9:01 – Renfree’s pass complete to Kelly for 12 yards.  Tate nearly got a sack.  Franklin down for the Terps.

9:00 – So duke has to go 81 yards in 4:16.  I’m officially nervous.

8:54 – Meggett runs off tackle to the right to pick up 4.  Meggett picks up 5 on second down.  Meggett stays in and picks up the first down on 3rd and 1.  Meggett loses 3 on first down.  2nd and 13, terps pick up 5.  3rd and 8, Dangerous pass by O’Brien nearly picked off by Hatcher.  Baltz on to punt.

8:53 – Smith gets the return, only gains a couple.

8:44 – Points taken off the board.  Duke stopped on first down.  Renfree complete to King, but Perez stops him from crossing the goal line.  3rd and goal from the 1, Nope.  Previous play was reviewed and ruled a TD.  21-16.

8:39 – Francis on the stop in the backfield.  Vellano with the sack on 2nd down.  3rd and 19, Perez drops another INT.  Duke going for it on 4th and 19, Renfree gets a TD pass to Varner.  21-16 after the PAT.

8:36 – Another bad punt by Baltz.  1st down, WR screen for Varner picks up 9.  Gloster on the stop.  2nd down, incomplete for King.  Duke converts on third down.  I’m not sure what Hughes was doing there, he got beat, stopped, and then gave up a 37 yard pass.

8:34 – Meggett blown up in the backfield for a loss of 2 on first down.  O’Brien incomplete on 3rd and 6.  Baltz on to punt.

8:31 – Logan scoops up the punt, makes two guys miss but only picks up four yards.  Terps will take over at the Duke 44.

8:28 – False start on Duke.  2nd and 15, incomplete pass. 3rd and 15, Kenny Tate on the sack.  Duke to punt.

8:22 – Tony Logan lets the ball bounce by him.  Maryland starts at their own 26.  Scott bounces around for 3 yards on first down.  Went deep for Cannon on 2nd down.  3rd and 7, Da’Rel Scott takes a dump pass, breaks two tackles and he is off to the races for a 71-yard TD. 21-9 Terps.

8:19 – 3rd and 9 from the 14 for Duke, Maryland sniffs out the screen and Tate stops them after 4 yards.  Duke to Punt to start the 4th quarter.

8:17 – After I say that, they are forced to punt, but Baltz pins Duke at the 1.  Someone nearly botched it.

8:10 – Pass intended for Williams incomplete.  Really tight window there and O’Brien put it on the money, Butler just broke it up.  2nd and 10, Meggett on the delay picks up 8 yards.  3rd and 2, Meggett makes a guy miss in the backfield.  Meggett in on 4th down, and he picks up the first down.  Impressive drive the Terps are putting together.

8:07 – incomplete deep ball on first down.  2nd down, Meggett bowls his way up to the 49.  DJ Adams picks up 2 on 4th down.  He’s a great short yardage back.

8:05 – Kenny Tate is in Sean Renfree’s head.  Renfree saw Tate coming at him and just got rid of it as quickly as he could.  Incomplete.  2nd and 10, incomplete on the screen.  Moten with the pick on 3rd down.  His third of the season.

8:01 – Scott runs off tackle and picks up 3.  O’Brien behind Williams and brings up 4th down.  Baltz to punt.  Another weak punt by Baltz.  Butler with a solid return, and a td saving tackle by McQueeny.

7:56 – Scott on first down, picks up 9 yards.  1st and 10 from the 24, Scott tackled at the line of scrimmage.  2nd and 10, Scott picks up 4 yards.  Could have lost 4.  False start on MD.  3rd and 11, Stinebaugh finally makes a catch.  Picks up 20 on some trickery on the Terps part.  Faked a screen, then came back to Stinebaugh underneath.  1st and 10, incomplete for Cannon.

7:55 – They kick it to Logan, makes a guy miss and picks up 15.  Illegal Block in the back puts the Terps back at their own 9.

7:52 – Renfree’s pass incomplete as Wujciak should have had a pick there.  That’s 2 dropped INT’s on the last two passes.  Maryland with the momentum.  Crowd is back into the game and loud.  Renfree’s pass incomplete on 3rd down.  They won’t punt it to Logan, they won’t do it.

7:45 – Renfree’s pass tipped by Perez.  2nd and 10, pass complete for 12 yards.  Renfree’s pass complete for 2 yards.  Vellano and Hartsfield on the tackle. 2nd and 8, Renfree’s pass incomplete Perez with a chance for another pick.  3rd and 8, Incomplete pass, looked like Kelly had a foot down, but rule it incomplete.  Tony Logan Time.  There he goes.  84 yard punt return for a touchdown.  Celebration penalty. 14-9.

7:43 – Halftime Stats are depressing.  Varner with 6 catches for 91 yards.

7:20 – 1st and 10 from the 23, we’ll see if Duke goes for more points or if they sit on the lead.  Looks like they will sit on the lead.  Scott on the 2 yard carry.

7:12 – Scott bottled up at the line of scrimmage.  3rd and 11, O’Brien sails a pass over the head of Torrey Smith but a flag on the play for roughing the passer bails the Terps out.  1st and 10 at the 13, Scott on the delayed handoff picks up 4 yards.  2nd and 6 at the 10, O’Brien on the designed rush picks up 7.  1st and goal at the 3, incomplete pass into the end zone.

7:10 – After review, call on the field stands.  1st and 10, Scott runs off tackle left and picks up 9.  I was just about to say that O’Brien hasn’t looked at Smith a lot tonight, and then he goes and finds him for 44 yards on 2nd and 1.  1st and 10 at the Duke 27, DOB’s pass knocked down at the line.

7:06 – Tate with a chance at another Sack, but Renfree gets out of his grasp for just long enough to throw it away.  3rd and 7 from the 16, Vellano got in Renfree’s face and he throws a pick to Perez in the end zone.

7:04 – Offside on Kerr makes it 1st and 5 from the 25 for Duke.  Renfree’s pass complete to Scott on the screen, gain of 6.  Taken down by Wujciak.  1st and 10, tackle by Perez on the blitz, but gain of 3.

7:02 – Maryland fans becoming restless.  Boo’s as the punting unit leaves the field.  Boo birds back out as Duke gets a 20 yard play.

6:58 – Not much of a timeshare at QB as O’Brien back out.  Meggett gets a big run negated by a holding call.  1st and 18, Meggett runs into the line and falls down.  2nd and 18, Stinebaugh drops another ball.  3rd and 18, O’Briens pass complete to Meggett for a gain of 5.  Baltz to punt.  Another 3 and out for the Terps.  Baltz not having a good day.  38 yard punt.

6:51 – Maryland having trouble with the misdirection.  Lost track of Varner and he picked up 15.  2nd and 9, Renfree’s pass complete to Vernon down to the 12.  1st and 10, loss of 1.  2nd and 11, Kenny Tate destroys Renfree on the sack/fumble.  Recovered by Scott.  3rd and 19, Renfree’s pass complete to Hollingsworth gain of 5.  Tate on the stop.  4th and 14, Snyderwine on for a 33 yard attempt.  9-0 Duke.

6:47 – O’Brien nearly across the line of scrimmage as he completes to Cannon for 6.  O’Brien with an incomplete pass.  Three and out for the Terps.  Baltz with a terrible punt for him.  28 yard punt.

6:46 – Hughes in to return the kick for Smith.  Terps start at their own 19.  Scott on the carry and he picks up 3.

6:41 – Snead with a big run down the right side.  1st and 10 from the 19, Renfree fires to Varner on the screen, but it was low and incomplete.  2nd and 10, Renfree almost avoids the sack but Vellano takes him down from behind and Moten hits him from the front.  3rd and 12, too high for Varner.  Snyderwine to attempt a 38-yard field goal.  Good.  6-0 Duke.

6:38 – Any time Duke runs a crossing route, somehow they get open.  Maryland just not covering well in the secondary.  End of the 1st quarter 3-0 Duke.

6:36 – Renfree to Varner is becoming annoying.  Any time the Terps need a stop, Varner cuts their heart out.  Holding on Braxton negates a Varner reception.

6:29 – 1st and 10, O’Brien rolling out and just throws it away.  He looks quite poised in the pocket.  2nd and 10, O’Brien fires low again on the WR screen, but Cannon grabs it this time and gains 5.  3rd and 5, looking for Tyler and he looked like he was playing volleyball there and set it up in the air.  Baltz’ punt in the end zone.

6:25 – 2nd and 7, Meggett on the handoff, 2 yard gain.  3rd and 5, O’Brien complete to Smith for a gain of 6.  1st and 10, O’Brien takes off again, gain of 5.  2nd and 5, O’Brien complete to Tyler for 3 yards.  3rd and 2, Pass Interference on Duke.  Shocked, because Ronnie Tyler pushed Butler to the ground.

6:24 – O’Brien back in at QB.  O’Brien scrambles for 3 on first down.

6:22 – Smith takes the kick at the 4, returns it up to the 22.

6:19 – After 2 failed attempts, it’s 3rd and goal.  Renfree’s pass is incomplete.  4th and goal, 20 yard field goal attempt.  Duke on the board first, 3-0.

6:16 – 2nd and 10, Renfree’s pass batted down by Gloster.  3rd and 10, Renfree finds Varner again on 3rd down.  Wujciak was in coverage.  Moten down on the ground.

6:12 – Maryland students getting loud as the Duke offense takes the field.  1st and 10, Desmond Scott runs into the line and falls down.  2nd and 10, Renfree completes to Varner for 3 yards.  3rd and 7, Renfree spots Varner being covered by Moten.  Huge Mismatch and Varner takes it 28 yards.  1st and 10 from the 43, Scott on the carry to the right for 7 yards.  Tackle by Tate.  2nd and 3, Scott with the carry, picks up 2.  Tackle by Perez.  3rd and 1 from the Terps 48, Connette on the carry picks up 17 yards.  1st and 10 at the 31, Incomplete Pass.

6:10 – 3rd and 9, O’Brien rolls out to his right and tries to hit Meggett, incomplete.  False Start on Maryland, backs them up 5 more.  Punt out of bounds at the 12.

6:08 – Cannon breaks three tackles on 2nd and 10 and picks up 12 for a first down to midfield.  1st and 10, Scott picks up 3 into Duke territory.

6:06 – 2nd and 5, O’Brien completes to Cannon for 5 yards.  1st and 10, O’Brien fires low for Cannon on the screen.

6:05 – Danny O’Brien gets the start.  Torrey Smith returns the kick to the 28.  1st and 10, Da’Rel Scott on the carry up to the 33.  5 yard gain for Scott.

6:02 – Danny O’Brien and Jamarr Robinson warming each other up.  Duke defers, and will kick-off.

6:00 – Punter Travis Baltz will again handle the place-kicking duties this week.

5:40 – With about 20 minutes to kickoff still no word as to who will be starting at QB for the Terps.


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